Diversity Pledge

The Office of Multicultural Affairs at Hilbert College pledges to foster and promote the ideals of respect, civility, and appreciation of others through the community diversity pledge.  We challenge students, faculty, and staff to join us in creating a community of inclusion and a space for open dialogue to educate our minds.

About the Pledge
The Diversity Pledge signifies your commitment to diversity, social justice, and inclusion at Hilbert College.  There are various facets of diversity including, but not limited to: socio-economic status, age, race/ethnicity, gender, spirituality/religion, mental and physical ability, sexual orientation, and citizenship. However, diversity is not only about being aware of our differences as individuals, but actively embracing them. 
The Pledge
By signing this pledge, you are making a commitment to diversity and inclusion, social justice and building a holistic community.   I pledge:
  • To promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, civility, and appreciation of others in our campus community and beyond.
  • To learn more about cultural diversity, engage in intercultural dialogues, and examine my own biases. 
  • To live by the Franciscan core values of our institution: service, respect, compassion, peace, hope, joy, integrity, and vision. 
  • To refrain from using derogatory language, discriminating behavior and to challenge stereotypes in a respectful way.

Over 400 faculty, staff, and students have taken the pledge, now, it's your turn to take the pledge! 

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