Associate in Arts Degree Liberal Arts


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Hilbert's two-year Liberal Arts Program aims to provide you with a background that will enable you to pursue your career or profession of choice and lead a meaningful personal life. As a liberal arts major, you'll gain the necessary viewpoints, organized knowledge of different disciplines, and effective communication skills that contribute to the growth of the intellect. In the long run, no pattern of education is likely to be more relevant.


The Arts and Sciences Department is committed to student learning with a focus on the humanities, sciences, and social sciences within the liberal arts tradition by:

  • Developing life-long, transferable skills in critical thinking, reading, writing, listening, and modes of inquiry;
  • Engaging active learning, problem solving, logical reasoning, and independent thought;
  • Nurturing aesthetic and evaluative judgment;
  • Fostering cultural literacy through interdisciplinary perspectives on different media, people, times, and places;
  • Encouraging a life-long commitment to self-reflection and a respect fo intellectual and human diversity;
  • Promoting values clarification and community awareness;
  • Facilitating, pre-professional and career development preparation.


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