Career Exploration

Choosing Your Major

Choosing a major can be difficult and confusing. Many college students are not certain about their majors when entering college and many who have decided will change their minds more than once before graduating. But keep in mind that choosing a major and choosing a career is not necessarily the same thing. And choosing a major does not mean you are choosing your lifetime career. The bachelor's or associate's degree you receive at Hilbert can prepare you for many career paths.

These steps will help as you investigate majors and programs available at Hilbert.

  • Go to our list of academic programs and majors and follow the links for information about the majors.
  • Talk to department chairpersons who can give you further details about majors and career paths. A complete list of contact information for chairpersons is available in our online Faculty/Staff Directory. Some questions to consider asking are:
    • What classes make up this program? What electives are suggested?
    • How do my interests compare to other students in this program?
    • What types of skills and competencies will I have when I finish this program?
    • What kinds of career fields do graduates in this program typically enter?
  • Choose elective courses that will allow you to explore fields that interest you.
  • Talk to other Hilbert students about their majors.
  • Stop by the career resources library on the first floor of Franciscan Hall for more information about what you can do with majors of interest to you.
  • Chat with people in career fields of interest to you.

Your college major is just one of the many qualifications you offer employers. They evaluate potential employees in areas such as attitude, related experience, achievements, extra-curricular involvement, leadership, communication abilities, and transferable and adaptive skills. You can achieve all of this with your Hilbert education.

Please note that if you are a transfer student, you must specify an academic major to be admitted to Hilbert.

Majors Offered at Hilbert
Hilbert offers 11 bachelor-level (four-year) degree majors and many other associate-level (two-year) degree majors. Our online academic information can help you learn more about our majors and available career paths.

Career Assessments
To clarify your interests, skills and values, you can take the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory, offered by the Office of Career Development.  Remember that to find a satisfying career, you must make a good match between your interests and the demands of a job, and between your personality and a work environment.

What you enjoy studying the most will bring out your best work. This will most likely lead to success and personal satisfaction in your career.

Supplementing Your Major
A key component to relating your education to a career field is through practical experience. An internship, volunteer experience, or on-campus involvement will help you to build a resume that will catch the attention of future employers. You can also choose a minor to complement your major course of study.

Career Options by Academic Major
For a list of available career options in Hilbert's academic majors, go to our Programs & Majors in the Academics section and choose the program you are interested in, then click on Careers. Major to Career Converter
Get a listing of career opportunities related to your academic major.