There are four concentrations available to the digital media and communication studies major; each one is designed to prepare you for a career and/or graduate school within the ever-expanding field of communication.

  • Media Arts and Production
  • Journalism and Media Writing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Communication


film studentMedia Arts and Production 
Hilbert has a state-of-the-art digital media production facility that is available to all students enrolled in creative courses offered by the communication studies program, including modern non-linear editors, portable hard drives that are lent to students, a steadicam style camera positioning unit, 24 digital film/video cameras, audio recording equipment, lighting equipment, and a full suite of creative software.

In this concentration, you'll learn both the necessary practical skills and the important theoretical framework to pursue any number of exciting and diverse careers in the area of media production, including broadcasting, film and video production, and video editing. This concentration also prepares you for graduate work in film and video production as well as film studies.

Student Profile: Media Arts and Production 

Journalism and 
Media Writing
The field of media writing is a diverse and growing one. This concentration prepares you to enter careers in public relations, advertising, development, and journalism. In addition, you will be well prepared for graduate work in journalism or technical writing.

Integrated Marketing
In the world of business today, it is not enough to know marketing, finance, or advertising. Rather, professionals must have knowledge of previously separate areas, such as business, public relations, marketing, technology, and ethical concerns in order to succeed. This concentration is based upon graduate programs in the new and exciting field of integrated marketing, and is designed to prepare you to compete in this new world of business, or to enter a graduate program in integrated marketing, business, marketing, advertising, or technical writing.

The exciting area of interpersonal and organizational communication capitalizes on the obvious connection between communication and psychology. This interrelation forms a solid foundation for careers in management, human resources, and personnel relations. It can also provide a foundation for graduate work in business, counseling and psychology.