Prospective Student-Athlete

The Athletic Department at Hilbert College would like to assist you in your search for the ‘right fit’ – a place where you can continue your academic growth and build on your athletic accomplishments

First and foremost, please take a moment to complete the  on-line version of Hilbert College's athletic recruitment form.  This will provide basic information but the Hilbert coach of your sport choice will contact you shortly to begin the athletic recruitment process.

Follow these links to discover the 13 majors as well as the many minors/concentrations that are available to study.                 majors           minors/concentrations

The Hilbert College Admissions & Financial Aid link provides phone numbers and office locations as well as many other links to discover the Admissions/Financial Aid opportunities. It is important you understand that Hilbert College is an NCAA Division III member institution where scholarship money is based solely on academic strength and family financial need (information gathered from the FASFA form each family completes in January). In other words, you will NOT receive a scholarship to any Div. III institution (5 minute video prepared by NCAA on Division III athletics) based on your athletic abilities.  Please follow this link to discover the cost and student aid opportunities at Hilbert College. 

There is no cost involved when the on-line application is submitted.

We strongly recommend that you visit our campus and meet with our Financial Aid office. Please feel free to schedule a visit with our Admissions Office here or speak with the coach at Hilbert to coordinate a visit.  If you choose to spend the night on your visit, you will need to complete and return the Overnight Permission Slip and file it with our Residence Life staff.  An overnight visit immediately triggers an Official Visit.  Please become better educated with NCAA recruiting definations please following this link to the NCAA website.

The links below will provide additional important information which will guide you in this process. 
NCAA (eligibility center)
NCAA (student-athlete eligibility & recruiting)
Becoming a Student Athlete (how to take care of your student side)

Recruiting Definitions (prospective student-athlete,official & unoffical visits, etc.)

Useful chart illustrating the differences between official and unoffical visits

Athletics Recruiting, quick reference guide

Transfer Regulations:  

Any athlete thinking about transfering  TO or FROM  Hilbert College (NCAA Division III) must follow  proper protocol in order to protect their athletic eligibility following a transfer.
Any Division III student-athlete who is interested in pursuing a transfer to another Division III institution must issue a self-release (Self Release Form) in order to speak with a coach at any other Division III institution.  The new institution's coaching staff/athletic director must receive the Self-Release Form prior to any conversations related to a transfer.  It is not necessary for the Division III compliance coordinator to issue any written release on behalf of the student-athlete.
Any Division III student-athlete who is interested in pursuing  a possible transfer to a Division II or Division I institution must secure a written release from their current  Compliance Coordinator which would permit the new institution's coaching staff an opportunity to speak with the Division III athlete.
Any Division I or Division II student-athlete who is interested in pursuing a possible transfer to a Divsion III insitution must provide a written release from their current Division I or II institution's Compliance Coordinator giving the Division III institution permission to speak with the Division I or Division II athlete.
It is recommended that any student-athlete considering a transfer have a confidential conversation with their campus' Compliance Coordinator. 
A very important question must be answered before a transfer student-athlete is eligible at the new institution:  "Had the S-A remained at their previous institution, would (s)he have been ACADEMICALLY eligible and  would (s)he have been ATHLETICALLY eligible?"  A transfering student-athlete must be in GOOD academic as well as GOOD athletic standing at their first institution  in order for the transfer to be considered.