Forensic Science/ Crime Scene Investigation Major – Bachelor’s Degree

General Education Requirements (48)
COM 151 Public Speaking
EN 101 College Writing
EN 102 Writing in the Humanities
GS 101 Foundations Seminar
PS 402 Junior Symposium

Specific General Education Core Modules
General Education Elective
Intercultural Awareness Elective
Interdisciplinary Studies Elective
Literature/Arts Elective
MA 200 Topics in Statistics
Moral Reasoning (CJ 330 Ethics in CJ System)
Political Science/History/Geography Elective
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
Religious Studies Elective
Science (BI 114 Human Body)
Sociology/Psychology/Economics (SO 101 Introduction to Sociology) 

All College (15)
MIS Elective
All College Elective
All College Elective
All College Elective
All College Elective

Courses in Major (57)

Lower Level (15)
FS 101 Introduction to Forensic Sciences
FS 201 Introduction to Photography/Imagery
CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 202 Introduction to Law and Justice
CJ 204 Crime and Society

Upper Level (36)
FS 302 Computer Crime Investigation
FS 318 Special Topics in Forensic Science I
FS 319 Special Topics in Forensic Science II
FS 320 Interview and Interrogation Techniques
FS 400 Photography/Imagery
FS 401 Fingerprint Evidence
FS 402 Trace Evidence/Arson-Firearms /Impression Evidence
FS 403 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis/Crash Management/Report Writing
FS 405 Advanced Seminar in Forensic Science
CJ/HS/PSY 305 Research Methods in Social Sciences 
CJ 315 Laws and Rules of Evidence
CJ 404 Criminal Investigations/ Criminalistics

Upper Level Credit Electives (9)
Liberal Arts Elective
PSY 410 Forensic Psychology

Suggested Electives
Classes in Biology, Chemistry or Physics
FS 499 Forensic Science Internship