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Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), also known as the Student Business and Accounting Association
PBL is designed to introduce you to the business and accounting world through on-site visits to various companies, including the Federal Reserve Bank, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Corp., Moog, and R.D. Murray. Visits typically include interviews with executives and managers, so you'll hear first-hand about their work experiences and suggestions to get your career jump-started. As a member of PBL, you'll develop teamwork, communication and project management skills, among other abilities. You'll also receive peer support and mentoring. Membership is open to all majors. 
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Contact: Patrick Heraty
Professor of Business
163 Paczesny Hall
649-7900, ext. 214



(formerly; Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE))
Active on more than 1,200 college and university campuses in 31 countries, Enactus encourages you to take what you've learned in the classroom, apply it to real-life situations and use that knowledge to better your community through educational outreach projects. Hilbert Enactus team members take the projects from start to finish, handling all planning, management and implementation.

Among the many diverse Enactus projects at Hilbert have been a SIFE board game, a two-mile "moon" or after-dark walk-a-thon, a craft fair, lectures, and "It's Economic" competitions. By working on these and other projects, you'll develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills through learning, practicing and teaching principles about free enterprise. Membership is open to all majors.
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You can learn more about the international Enactus organization by visiting it online.

Who to Contact
Daniel Roland
SIFE Sam Walton Free Enterprise Fellow
Professor of Business
158 Paczesny Hall
649-7900, ext. 351

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