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Resident Student Issues

Commuter Student Issues


General Questions

What kind of computer is required to be placed on the Hilbert College Wireless Network (RESNET?)

  • As a matter of policy, we do not recommend any specific brand of computer.  We do recommend however that the system have at least Windows XP or greater, or Mac OS X or higher.  Either will be supported on the network.  To connect wirelessly however, the computer must have a wireless card supporting the 802.11 b or g standards.  The vast majority of laptops have a wireless card as standard equipment, but please verify with your manufacturer.

Will you fix my computer?

  • We'll be happy to take a quick look, but we cannot repair machines that do not fall under the purview and ownership of the College.  We can only support student machines insofar as required to place them on our network.

Can you take a look at my networking issues on my personal machine?  I think there may be a network problem.

  • Yes.  We are able to provide services related to assisting you in getting your computer onto and maintaining a connection to our network.  In certain circumstances, we may need to set up an appointment.

Can you provide me with a copy of Microsoft Office?

  • Unfortunately, licensing restrictions prevent us from supplying students with copies of Microsoft Office.  However, it can be affordably purchased several vendors at student pricing.

I forgot my password to get on the computers / Blackboard / Hilbert Email!

  • You'll need to stop in to our office in Bogel 156 during normal business hours, with photo identification, to have your password reset.

I didn't forget my password, I just never received one.

  • Come to our office in Bogel 156 and we'll present you with a form that provides this and other valuable information.

Isn't Blackboard mail ( and Hilbert Email ( the same?

  • No.  They are seperate messaging servers and services.  Hilbert Email is email that is connected with the Internet outside of the college.  There, you can send mail internal to the college (e.g., a professor) or send mail to a job recruiter on the outside.  When someone emails you at, the Hilbert Email inbox is where it will end up.

I'm signed up for course X, but it's not appearing on Blackboard.  Can you add it?

  • During the drop/add period, it may take 24 hours for your class to be added.  If after two days your class is still missing, please stop in.  Please bring your registration information.

Can I use my iPod Touch, iPhone, or similar device on RESNET?

  • Yes.

Resident Students

I'm living on campus.  What are my options for connectivity?

  • Each dorm room has a hardwired ethernet jack to plug your computer into, or you may opt to use the wireless network to connect. 

I'm a resident student.  Are computers available?

  • Yes.  In both residence halls, computer labs are available for student use.  Both labs also have printers available.  The labs in Bogel Hall are also available for use during the day, if a class is not scheduled.  In addition, Academic Services and the Library also offer computers for student use, subject to their hours.

Can I use a Router, Hub, or other network switching device?  I'm short a few ports.

  • We're sorry, but in order to preserve network integrity and availability, any unauthorized networking equipment discovered in use will subject the owner to disciplinary action.

Can I use Kazaa/BitTorrent or other Peer-to-Peer file sharing applications for music and movies?

  • Such applications open up our network to viruses, degrade performance for other users, and open up the student to legal liability.  These applications are explicitly banned from use while on campus on computers owned by Hilbert College or personal devices.  Students found using these applications risk disciplinary action and loss of computing privileges.


Commuter Students

I'm a commuter student.  Can I get on RESNET wirelessly too?

  • Yes, all buildings (except the Maintenance/Campus Safety building) have wireless access that reaches throughout each building.

How do I access the RESNET?

  • Find RESNET on your list of available wireless networks.  Once you connect to it, attempt to browse and you'll be redirected to a registration page that will ask you to sign in as a Hilbert student.  Enter your credentials that were provided to you at the Help Desk, and after passing a brief security scan, you'll be allowed onto the Internet.



I still have questions!

  • Drop us an email at, call us to 716.649.7900 ext. 121 or stop into our office in Bogel Hall, Room 156.