Hilbert Computer Account

The computers at Hilbert College provide you with the latest and greatest tools available for completing your coursework.  Access is coordinated through a user name and password distributed through the Information Services Help Desk in Bogel 156.  Uses of computing resources are restricted to what is outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.

In most cases, accounts are already assigned to students before they arrive on campus, and are made available by the first day of classes by stopping into the Help Desk in Bogel 156.  Please note that in the case of late registrations, accounts may not be available immediately.

Computer labs are available in the following locations:

  • Academic Services Center
  • Library (Laptops are available for independent study as well)
  • Rooms 152 and 106 in Bogel Hall
  • Internet Cafe in Bogel Hall
  • Room 104 for Computer Security & Information Assurance Majors in Bogel Hall
  • Lounge in St. Joseph Residence Hall (resident students only)
  • Basement of Trinity Hall (resident students only)
  • Pacheszny Hall Overlook
  • Honor's Lounge for Hilbert Honor Students

The password set for your computer account is also used for access to Hilbert Email (mail.hilbert.edu), Blackboard (blackboard.hilbert.edu) and Self-Service (selfservice.hilbert.edu). 

*Note* If you change your password at anytime, be advised that your mail and Blackboard password will change as well. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I change my password?

  • On any campus computer, login and press Ctrl + Alt + Del, then click 'Change Passowrd'.  
  • Alternatively, you can change your email from off-campus through the Hilbert Email system.  Login, click Options, and then click Change Password from the lefthand pane.

I forgot my password!

  • Please stop into our office in Bogel Hall, 156, with photo identification, and we'll be happy to reset your password.  Please note that we will be unable to reset your password without identification.

Something doesn't look right. 

  • Please stop in our office, and we'll be happy to verify settings. 

It says I should see you; my print balance is under a certain amount.

  • Stop in and see us.  Hilbert employs a printing quota system to prevent abuse of the printing system.  The quota is set to an amount which allows a generous amount of coursework to be completed, but we can extend this if you need more pages for academic work in most cases.