To find out what classes psychology faculty are teaching this semester, go to our online Course Schedule. To contact our adjunct faculty, please call 716-649-7900, Ext. 370 or 373 or send an e-mail to josie@hilbert.edu or estack@hilbert.edu.

James Golden
, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
131 Bogel Hall
649-7900, ext. 422
Shannon Lupien, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology

120A Bogel Hall
649-7900, ext. 147

Ph.D. University at Buffalo, SUNY
B.A. Saint Michael’s College

Areas of Expertise:
Social Psychology of the self, Factors that affect resilience vs. vulnerability, Self-esteem and it’s various subcomponents

Courses Taught:
Introductory Psychology
Psychology of Gender
Social Psychology
Cross-cultural Psychology
History of Psychology

“I am passionate about Psychology, and I love teaching. It is a blessing to be able to interact with students and share my enjoyment of such a fascinating field of study. In my approach to teaching, I aim to inspire passion and excitement for learning as well as to foster mastery and critical thinking. The close-knit learning environment at Hilbert promotes a more personalized student-teacher relationship, which helps to facilitate these goals and allows students to become well-rounded members of the community, capable of lifelong learning. Outside of the classroom, I like spending time outdoors and being active, as well as enjoying the company of friends and family.”

 Carol Nowak, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
122 Bogel Hall
649-7900, ext 320
Edward Pristach, Ph.D.
Tenured Professor
133 Bogel Hall
649-7900, ext. 227


Adjunct Instructors
Martin Hamann, L.C.S.W.
Adjunct Instructor

Kathleen Miller, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor