Client/Counselor Guidelines For a Successful Journey

The more committed the client is to actively participate in the counseling process, the more satisfied they will be with the results of counseling. Also, the more invested the client is in their own growth, the more quickly they will see the desired change occur. 

Guidelines for the Client: 

*Enter counseling with an idea of what the problem is and how you would like your life to be different.

*Talk about your concerns honestly and openly.

*Follow through on any tasks you and your counselor may establish as

      weekly goals.

*Make a commitment to keep counseling appointments, but if you are

      unable to do so for some reason, please let the counselor know as

      soon as possible.

*“If” this is a mandatory counseling referral, please be open to the

      possibilities. Your counselor is here for your benefit and is eager

      to assist you in any way they can.
The Counselor’s Role:

*The counselor will listen to you and help identify the issue involved.

*They will help you better understand yourself and your situation.

*They will be open and honest in their interactions with you.

*They will be respectful and supportive.

*They will help you identify more effective ways of thinking and behaving.

*They may refer you to other departments on campus to assist in creating a

      holistic approach to academic success.

*They may even refer you to off-campus facilities to assist you in creating a healthy state of mind and body.