Counseling Mission

The Counseling Center

Mission: The Mission of the Counseling Center and the services we offer is to facilitate the cognitive, emotional, and social development of students so that they may optimally reach academic success and accomplish their personal, social, and career goals.
Values: The Counseling Center values a commitment to the highest level of services with regard to the ethics, standards, guidelines and principles of our professional organizations, the state of New York, and Hilbert College.
Vision: Our office is committed to excellence and believes in the value of the whole student. We strive to facilitate the enhancement of student development, mental and emotional health and wellness and academic success by fostering and encouraging healthy, informed decision-making, promoting inclusion and coping skills for an ever changing diverse student population.
Goals: Our goal is to provide counseling services that will adhere to the highest level of confidentiality, ethical, legal, and professional standards. We will embrace the needs of our students and address the issues that will enhance the educational experience. This will be achieved by:

  • Providing a warm, welcoming, empathetic, and easily accessible counseling experience.
  • Promoting programming opportunities that will facilitate the personal and psychological growth and development of our students and will offer tools that will assist with academic success and enhance leadership development.
  • Offering a broad range of resource materials that will assist in the holistic educational process of personal development.
  • Promoting a healthy adjustment to college by offering pertinent primary prevention and awareness programs at orientation and throughout the year. 
  • Emulating the Franciscan values (Respect, Service, Peace, Joy, Compassion, Hope, Integrity, and  Vision) and offering our students avenues to learn and grow in these areas.