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Bachelor of Science in Business Management

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Business Management prepares students for today's challenging and highly competitive business environment. The curriculum is based on critical knowledge, marketable skills, and specific competencies critical to successfully managing in the global economy. In addition to helping students build core knowledge in business, the B.S. in Business Management focuses on specific skills and competencies in functional, business, and strategic areas of management.
Additional emphasis has been placed on research, quantitative and statistical analysis, information technology, communication and leadership skills, global business, cross-cultural management, and business ethics result in a comprehensive education and training for management students. Students also receive experiential training through fieldwork assignments and the final capstone strategic management course in order to bridge the gap between practice and theory. A major goal of the Business Management program is to help students develop a Management Skills Portfolio (MSP) that will be valuable in pursuing management careers or graduate education and training in business and related areas.
Offering an integrated curriculum, Hilbert's bachelor-level business management major prepares you with a firm foundation in accounting, finance, marketing, business law and planning. You will gain a solid foundation in computer-based technical skills, a broad liberal arts knowledge base, and an understanding of the world of economics, business and industry. You will become skilled in organization, motivation, teamwork, networking, leadership, and ethical decision- making.

Why Study Business Management at Hilbert?

  • The curriculum reflects current practices in the management world.
  • Develop invaluable relationships with faculty that last long after you've graduated.
  • Opportunity to learn from top-notch professors who have real-world experience in the business profession.
  • Job search guidance in the profession.  
  • Outstanding job opportunities after graduation.
  • Solid preparation for graduate school, an option being exercised by an increasing number of students each year.
  • Opportunity to take undergraduate courses which fulfill graduate-level requirements in St. Bonaventure University's MBA program.
The Business Management Accelerated Degree Program is designed for students who have demonstrated academic maturity by successfully completing at least 24 credit hours at the college level. Classes are designed in a hybrid format taking one night a week on campus and utilizing online technology for half the course.

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