Hilbert College’s steadfast commitment to the acceptance of diversity and promotion of social justice is echoed in the following Vision Statement:

“Hilbert College strives to be faithful to the deep and diverse historical foundations on which it rests. From the founding congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, we embrace the traditions of St. Francis: respect, service, hope, vision, joy, integrity, compassion, and peace. From the noble legacies of the liberal arts academy, we honor intellectual inquiry, freedom of thought, breadth of knowledge, and lifelong learning. And from our own history, we continue to reach out to students from all backgrounds. We are committed to providing them skills and resources to achieve success in a wide range of careers, recognizing that in today’s world, that entails equipping students to respond to a rapidly changing global environment.

The faculty and staff of Hilbert College are dedicated to providing students with individual attention and support while also allowing them to grow and explore new challenges. We celebrate the richness that comes from a diverse campus of individuals from many faiths and cultures. We emphasize the importance of service to our community, and we endeavor to be a voice for social justice in the world.”

When you Stand Up to Bias by taking action to report it as a victim or witness to it, you help us take a major step forward in becoming the community we aspire to be. No one should be mistreated because of any aspect of their identity. And, it is our shared responsibility to stop discrimination and bias when we see it. We can work together to build a safer, healthier, stronger, more respectful and inclusive Hilbert College community.

Stand Up to Bias Objectives:

  • Empower students to proactively address acts of bias and discrimination through education, awareness, and the reporting of acts of bias within the college community
  • Provide clear procedures that permit members of the Hilbert community to report acts of bias
  • Ensure that reported acts of bias are reviewed and addressed
  • Promote the safety and integrity of all parties involved in a report of alleged bias

Report Bias Button

If this is an emergency or a case of physical confrontation, assault, threat, or injury resulting from a bias-related crime, contact Campus Safety immediately at 716-479-1233.

The Provost's Advisory Council on Diversity extends its sincere thanks to staff of the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion at John Carroll University for their many contributions and guidance in the development and implementation of the Hilbert College Stand Up to Bias Initiative.