How to Report an Incident of Alleged Bias

Reports of bias related incidents involving students may be made online through the Hilbert College website where they will be received by a member of the Bias Response Team.  While anonymous reporting is possible, the ability to gather important information is enhanced when the staff person receiving the report is able to confer with the person making the initial report. As such, an anonymous report may result in an incomplete investigation.  To the extent possible, the College will work to maintain the confidentiality of all parties involved in a report of bias.

Report Involving Student and Student

Where the complainant and alleged offender are both students, a team designated by the Bias Response Team will conduct the investigation, usually within 48 hours.  

Report Involving Student and Employee/non-Employee

Where the complainant is a student and the alleged offender is an employee of the College (or non-employee, i.e., contractor, vendor, etc.) the report will be forwarded by the Bias Response Team to the Director of Human Resources or their designee and an investigation will ensue in compliance with existing policy as outlined in the Hilbert College Human Resources Manual.  

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If this is an emergency or a case of physical confrontation, assault, threat, or injury resulting from a bias-related crime, contact Campus Safety immediately at 716-479-1233.