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Hilbert College
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Jill Cole, Ed.M
Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Residence Life

Brett Kane, M.S.
Resident Director

Alex Gill
Resident Coordinator

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Change My Room

During the academic year, the Office of Residence Life does not permit room changes. The only way the office will approve a room change is:
  • A student's personal safety is at risk and is reported to the Office of Residence Life
  • There is a space available in a room and all students who share the bathroom consent to a student filling the vacant space
  • If there is a one for one swap in a suite/ adjoining room
  • The Room Exchange is active
In order to get your room change, a conversation with the Office of Residence Life must occur. Professional staff may give students specific instructions in order to move forward with a move including having their RA host a roommate mediation.

The Office of Residence Life does not promote the moving of students without conversations unless there is a threat to someone's personal safety. The Office of Residence Life can also authorize moves to accommodate new residents to housing, if there is an available unoccupied space or if a situation calls for an involuntary move. 

The Room Exchange

The Office of Residence Life will host The Room Exchange once a year to help residents relocate mid-year if they choose a new living environment or new roommates. This is a student driven program. We encourage students to engage in conversation with one another and help find themselves their ideal room and roommates for the spring semester.

Room Exchanges will only be denied for three reasons:
  1. The space is not available
  2. A traditional first year student (18 years old) cannot live with someone who is 21 years old or turning 21 during the spring semester or a traditional first year student requests to live in the campus apartments.
  3. Bathroom mates do not identify as the same gender
Residence Life will honor all other swaps. 

Residents with an empty space in their room will participate in consolidation. Students cannot buy-out/ pay for a single room unless the space is available after add/drop of the Spring Semester.

Have questions? Email us at or stop by our office. 

Room Exchange FA20
Withdraw from Housing

Important Dates:
  • Forms become available: Wednesday, October 28, 2020
  • Forms due: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 12 PM (Fall Hall Closing)
  • Notice of Exchange: Communicated to students by Friday, December 18
    • Residents will be emailed if their swap was approved.
  • The Room Exchange: Thursday, January 21, 2021- Friday, January 29, 2021
    • All swaps MUST occur with Residence Life oversight.
    • Moving into your new room without Residence Life's consent will result in removal from college housing. 

New students or commuters can participate as well. As long as you have paid a $125 housing deposit, you can choose your placement over have Residence Life choose for you. Move in dates for new residents will be emailed to students before the inter-semester break.