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Hilbert College
Office of Residence Life
Trinity Hall 1st Floor
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Jill Cole Splawski, Ed.M
Director of Residence Life and Community Standards

Brett Kane, M.S.
Resident Director

Alex Gill
Resident Coordinator

Meet Our Whole Team.


Hilbert College Residence Life is excited to share that we will be doing an aggressive five year improvement plan on furniture and facilities. As a result, housing costs for some communities will increase, but communities with larger increases will directly see campus improvements prior to arrival as a result. 

For Year 1, campus improvements include:

  • New, commercial grade furniture for all campus apartments. The furniture is modular so students can adapt furniture to their space to truly make it feel like home. Additional improvements include; TV Wall Mounts for community TVs (students must bring their own TVs), ottomans that can serve as a coffee table or additional seating and intentional programming focusing on upperclassmen needs.
  • Residents will also obtain a 50 meal plan to assist in obtaining healthy meals at a cost-effective rate and $100/semester of Hawk Bucks to be used at 78 West. 
  • St. Joseph's Hall will be obtaining new furniture for community lounges along with increases in security measures. 

Students looking to see the new furniture, vote on fabric samples, and provide feedback for year 2's projects can attend housing information meetings or schedule an appointment with any professional staff member in Residence Life. 


We are extremely excited for these campus improvements and want your voice to be heard during this process. As one of the top ten housing facilities in NYS, our goal is to continue to be innovative with our approach to student housing and eventually become the best college housing in NYS. 

Current Student Housing Selection 2020-2021

Phase 1: Apply for Housing

  • Apply for Housing using the Current Student Housing Application by April 15, 2020

Phase 2: Register for Fall 2020 Classes

  • Due to the high demand of college housing, students must be registered for Fall 2020 courses in order to participate in housing selection. Students must be registered by April 15, 2020 to qualify for housing selection. 

Phase 3: Receive Email for Housing Selection

  • All students will be emailed through their Hilbert account of when they can select housing by April 17, 2020. This phase will not apply to students who apply or register for classes after April 15, 2020.
Phase 4: Select Housing
  • April 21 & 22, 2020- Students will full housing capacities will select rooms.  
  • April 302020- Students that do not fill housing can select rooms.Requests will be honored dependent on capacity.
  • May 1, 2020 until Move In Day- Students can continue phase one and two and will be placed in housing by the Director of Residence Life. Requests will be honored dependent on capacity.
    • Selection meetings will happen virtually by phone or video chat. 

Phase 5: Confirm Housing

  • All residents will received confirmed housing assignments in July of 2020 and/or if roommates change. This will occur via email.

Phase 6: Move In Day

  • Move In Day will be on Saturday, August 29th from 10 AM- 1 PM. Check in will continue on Saturday without the move in crew until 12 AM. Additional check in's will be available during business hours or by appointment. 


Building will provide 16 singles and over 20 double rooms for 2020-2021.
**This building is for upperclassmen and transfers. 
Building will provide 90 suites and 60 double rooms for 2020-2021.
**This building is focused on first year students with current students living on the first floor. 
Apartments host 64 students in 15 apartments for 2020-2021.
**This building is for upperclassmen and graduate students. 

Hilbert College requires students to live on campus if:

  • Students have completed less than 60 credit hours and live outside of 35 miles from Hilbert College. 
Hilbert College students are exempted from this requirement if:
  • Student has a dependent (child)
  • Student is married
  • Student is a Veteran
  • Student has a medical need that Hilbert College housing cannot accommodate
  • Student is over 21 years old
If students have questions about residency requirements, they can email or call Residence Life at 716-479-7900 ext. 362
second home
***Priority is given to residents in good standing with the college and who can fill the requested space. From there, preference is given to the total amount of years the group of residents have lived on campus. We call this "years of loyalty."