Student Housing Applications

Thank you for applying to Housing at Hilbert for the Spring of 2021. This application is for current Hilbert College students. 

All candidates for housing are required to:
  • Apply for housing using this on-line form by December 1, 2020 for priority housing      
  • Register for Spring 2021 classes by December 1, 2020     
  • Pay your housing deposit of $125.00 to the Student Finance Office. 
Housing is only available in vacant spaces so preferences will be honored when possible. 

Housing and Meal Plan Information

Which housing option do you prefer?

Waiting lists are available for communities that are full. Please discuss housing options with Residence Life if you'd like to be added to a waiting list. 
Please note, housing will be offered to full spaces (4 residents for a double/apartment, 6 residents for a suite) where all roommates submitted their paperwork and deposit on-time and requested one another.

Residence Hall Policies

Below include some highlighted policies from the Office of Residence Life. Please review the condense versions of these policies as they are written for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please be aware that policies may change for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Alcohol Policy

The use of alcohol in the residence halls will be subject to state and federal laws and Hilbert College Policy. Responsible use of alcohol by students 21 years of age and older is permitted only according to college regulations. In accordance with New York State law students under the age of 21 may not possess, sell, or consume alcoholic beverages. Generally, except in matters outlined under the College Amnesty Policy, found under the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities, the college follows a zero-tolerance policy in these matters. This means that every reported incident will be formally addressed through the conduct review system.
• Any resident bringing visitors/guests to campus shall be responsible for making the alcohol policies known to their visitors/guests. Every visitor/guest is subject to college rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of residents as hosts to monitor and accept responsibility for the behavior of their visitors/guests.
• Kegs, taps, and other common sources of alcohol, are not permitted. The possession of any implement which can be used to irresponsibly ingest alcohol is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, funnels, beer bongs, etc. Drinking games and drinking game devices, (e.g. beer pong tables), are also not permitted.
• Students who are of legal drinking age and who are in the possession of alcohol, or present where alcohol is being consumed, must provide proof of age when asked by any college official including Resident Assistants. If proof of age is not provided, students will be asked to dispose of the alcohol and follow-up will occur via the College’s Code of Conduct.
• Underage students may not be in the presence of alcoholic beverages. The underage person may not consume or possess alcohol. In order for alcohol to be present in a room all individuals in the space must be 21 years of age.
• The amount of alcohol permitted by each resident over the age of 21 in an apartment or room is 1 liter of wine, or a 6-pack of beer. Visitors/Guests of residents are not permitted to bring alcohol onto campus.
• Alcoholic containers may not be used as decorations. Empty cans or bottles will be deemed as proof of consumption. Students over the age of 21 should dispose of or recycle containers immediately after consumption.
• Public intoxication is considered an alcohol policy violation. Actions as a result of public intoxication which disturb any people, facilities, community, and/or self will be dealt with through the appropriate authorities.

I am aware of the Alcohol policy here at Hilbert College.

Authorized Search of Residential Facilities

The Office of Residence Life and/or Officers of Campus Safety have the right to inspect any and all residential facilities with just cause. If a suspected violation of the Student Code of Conduct is taking place, Campus Safety and Residence Life Staff have the right to enter the room immediately without warning. Additional Health and Safety inspections will be done two to three times a semester to check for policy violations and fire safety. These inspections will be posted twenty-four hours before the inspection is done. At times it may be necessary to conduct an inspection without notice. This will only be done in times of an emergency or when it is believed that a student’s health or safety is in jeopardy. Health and Safety checks will be conducted on all rooms during each break period.

I am aware of the Authorized Search policy here at Hilbert College.

Break Closure

For all breaks, Trinity and St. Joseph Halls close. These breaks include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. Except for the period between December 20th and January 2nd, the residential apartments remain open as long as student obtain permission and register to stay. In the event of extenuating circumstances, students in Trinity and St. Joseph Halls may obtain permission to remain on campus during a closure from the Director of Residence Life. Such a request should be done in writing at least two weeks prior to the closure and will be considered based on the circumstances and the student’s conduct record.
I am aware of the Break Closure policy here at Hilbert College.

Drug Free School Program 

The Higher Education Amendment of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 require that all institutions of higher education prevent the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees. Similarly, the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 requires federal contractors and recipients of federal grants to maintain a drug-free environment. The above laws require that Hilbert College adopt and implement certain mandatory rules of conduct, and strictly enforce these rules by disciplinary measures.

I am aware of the Drug Free School Program and how Hilbert College is a drug-free campus.

Guest/Visitation Policy

Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests at all times. A guest is defined as any person not assigned to the resident host’s room and must be the age of 17 or older. Resident hosts may not have more than two (2) guests at any one time. Each guest is required to have photo identification on them at all times. It is the responsibility of the host to inform the guest of the photo ID requirement. Acceptable forms of photo ID include: driver’s license, non-driver’s ID, school ID, or passport. No other forms of ID will be accepted. Guests without ID will not be allowed access into the residence hall. Resident hosts must escort their guest(s) at all times within the building, including when they exit the building.

A resident may not pressure a roommate to tolerate the presence of a guest. All guests to a room are subject to the agreement of all room residents. The presence of guests must not restrict free access for assigned residents to all common spaces and any private space they many have or create any situation that infringes on the need of roommates to remain undisturbed. Students may not sign in or sign out guest(s) for other residential students. Hilbert College students, in the role of guest or host, are responsible for properly following sign in procedures.

Residents are permitted to have overnight guests in accordance with the above-mentioned policy. However, cohabitation is not permitted and is defined at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life. Residents who have guests that are deemed to be cohabitating, or are causing a disruption to the community, will be asked to have their guest leave immediately. In general, students’ guests are not allowed to stay more than 2 nights during the course of any 7-day period.

A Residence Life Staff member, Campus Safety Officer or their designee, may ask anyone to leave if it infringes on the rights of any other residents, or creates a disruption to the community. In those instances, the host will be subject to review under the Hilbert College Code of Conduct.

I am aware of the Guest policy here at Hilbert College.

I have read and understand the items and conditions of the HOUSING CONTRACT, APPLICATION AND THE STUDENT HANDBOOK. Resident students will not be allowed to move in the Residences until all financial aid is credited and their account is paid in full or a payment plan is approved.  All balances are payable by the published due date on the invoice.  Failure to respond by the payment due date will result in a late fee and possible removal from the Residences.  By signing this contract there is no guarantee that I will be placed in the Residences. In the event that I do not get a room assignment, my housing deposit will be refunded in full. I also understand that failure to comply with Hilbert College policies could lead to disciplinary actions and/or termination of residency privileges. I understand that, this contract is binding for the entire academic year and if I break this contract, I will be assessed a fee of $100.

Health Insurance: All residents are required to show proof of insurance for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please either upload an image of your health insurance card or bring it with you on move in day.

Housing Selection & Move in Day

This application for housing will provide the Office of Residence Life information on where you intend on living for the 2020-2021 academic year. The week of April 20, 2020, students will then select their exact room for the 2020-2021 academic year. All communication with students from Residence Life will occur via email. Housing assignments will be emailed to students in July.

Move in Day is dependent on where you live. After your housing is confirmed, you will need to schedule an appointment with the Office of Residence Life. Please check in at Trinity Hall. All residents are required to have a completed housing application (this document), complete housing contract, proof of medical documentation for the 2020-2021 academic year, active registration for omni-alert and be in good standing with financial aid.

I am aware I cannot move in unless it is during my assigned time.

I am active in a spring sport or a member of the Residence Life staff.

I will need special accommodations to arrive early, therefore I will assist with Move In Day.

Thank you for living on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please email if you have any questions about your housing information.