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The Master of Public Administration: Health Administration degree at Hilbert College is designed to prepare students with the skills to succeed in public service and health care management positions in a wide variety of organizations.  This program integrates the core curriculum of Hilbert’s MPA with a special focus on health administration and services. 

Graduates can utilize their MPA: Health Administration degree for a wide range of careers in public or health services administration, policy, evaluation, planning, consulting and related careers. Both experienced professionals and students in the first stages of their careers will benefit from the MPA: Health Administration at Hilbert.


The world of health services organizations, hospitals, public health infrastructure and related agencies require individuals who are knowledgeable about public health and the structure, organization and financing of health care systems.  In addition, individuals in this field require sharp analytical skills, budgetary acumen and excellent human relations ability. The courses are designed to prepare students beginning their careers to be competent and effective leaders, and mid-career students to enhance their capacities as managers and leaders.  Within this program, students develop a research level necessary to set the foundation for clear data driven decision-making. The program balances research with an additional focus on the need for values and ethics in public policy. As a result, Hilbert's program is consistent with its mission. It is expected that Hilbert graduates will go on to lead with a level of competency and integrity second to none.


Unique to Hilbert, the MPA: Health Administration curriculum includes an integrated research project threaded throughout the program. Unlike most graduate programs that ask for a final semester thesis, the Hilbert program allows for a more thorough application of theory and research since the project starts early in the program. The research act as a foundation upon which to ground and challenge theory to a practical application, culminating in a final capstone major project.  

Students take one course at a time and move with a cohort of students, developing colleagues and friends. Cohorts remain together throughout the 18-month program, changing a course of study every five weeks to complete 12 sessions. 

Classes meet on Wednesday  6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.



Now enrolling for the cohort starting August 19, 2015


ATTENTION APPLICANTS: If you have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or greater and complete the application process BEFORE July 1, 2015  you will receive a 20% tuition discount off your entire graduate program.

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