Provost's Advisory Committee on Diversity

Special Announcement:  
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Cultural Climate survey. Results will be compiled and shared with the campus community in the near future. 


The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Diversity is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive campus environment, while providing a diverse and engaging campus experience for all faculty, staff, and students.


The committee's purpose is serve as an advisory board on all issues related to diversity and inclusivity on-campus.  The council embraces a very broad definition of diversity, which includes eight key areas:  
  • race/ethnicity
  • gender
  • age
  • socio-economic status
  • sexual orientation
  • spirituality/religion
  • disability
  • gender expression

The committee is composed of faculty, staff, and students and is committed to providing strategies on how to implement best practices as it relates to diversity. Our work is aligned with the mission of the college, provost’s office, and the strategic planning goals.  


  • Assess the cultural climate of the institution and make recommendations for improvement to the Provost
  • Increase diversity awareness on campus through education resources and professional development
  • Advise the Provost on recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, staff, and students
  • Ensure that equity and diversity are integrated within the practices at Hilbert College   
  • Infuse various aspects of diversity across the campus community

Hilbert College Diversity Advocates

A Hilbert College Diversity Advocate is committed to promoting and celebrating diversity while sharing similarities; to educating and encouraging awareness of diversity-related issues; to exploring diversity concerns on campus; to providing support for marginalized students; and to effecting positive change regarding diversity in order to strengthen the college community and help create informed citizens. 

To apply to become a diversity advocate, click here.

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What is Diversity?

Presented by the Provost's Advisory Committee on Diversity at Hilbert College. Produced by Hilbert College Communications Club. 
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