Economic Crime Investigation/Computer Security and Information Assurance

NSA/CNSS 4011 and 4013 Certified
Member: New York CyberWatch Consortium
The mission of the Computer Security and Information Assurance Department is to prepare students to master the methods, processes, and techniques used in computer crime investigations, digital forensics, computer security and information assurance. Students will also understand the core principles of information security/information assurance - confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  Students will develop the ability to recognize and resolve ethical problems that arise in internships and in the profession. Students will also possess the knowledge and skills to prepare them for professional careers in the public or private sector, or for graduate studies.
The vision of the Computer Security and Information Assurance Department is to support student learning objectives by:
·         Providing students with a combination of academic course work and practical hands-on and field experiences.
·         Preparing students for employment in government service or in private industry in fields relating to computer crime investigations, computer security, information assurance and digital forensics.
·         Imparting in students the importance of life-long learning and professional development.
·         Providing students with a strong foundation in professional ethics
Students in the CSIA program will acquire the skills to achieve the following learning objectives:
·         Identify, appraise and interpret the legal concepts relating to computer crime  investigations, computer security, information assurance and digital forensics.
·         Compare, contrast, understand and appreciate the intelligence process as it relates to computer crime investigations, computer security, information assurance and digital  forensics issues within law enforcement and commercial enterprise.
·         Understand their professional and ethical responsibilities to society, and recognize, analyze and resolve ethical problems occurring in the computer field.
·         Interpret information security policies related to computer crime and information security/assurance.
·         Appraise and examine how law enforcement agencies use computers to investigate crimes.
·         In addition to the technological issues, students will develop advanced skills in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and problem solving techniques. 
A Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Security & Information Assurance gives students a background in the fields of computer crime investigation, computer security, information assurance and digital forensics through a blend of courses from Criminal Justice, Accounting, and Computer Sciences. A dedicated Computer Security and Information Assurance Department lab, with up-to-date technological software and hardware, gives students practical, hands-on experience. The degree is designed to prepare students for entry-level professional employment, enhance skills for working professionals, or provide a foundation for graduate studies.
Increasingly sophisticated technology has allowed economic and computer crime enterprises to flourish. To deal with these contemporary types of crimes, corporate and government employers need qualified professionals with computer, digital forensics and investigative skills. College graduates with this type of specialized training are in demand to deal with the sophisticated white-collar and computer crimes made possible by our technological age.
Careers that Computer Security and Information Assurance graduates have chosen include:
              Intelligence Analyst
              Special Investigator – Computer Crimes
              Information Assurance Specialist
              Credit card fraud investigator
              Health insurance investigator – Special Investigations Department
              Anti-Money Laundering Analyst
              Network Administrator
              Bank Security Department – Compliance Officer
              Compliance, Risk Management and Fraud Supervisor
              Digital Forensic Examine