About Campus Safety

Director's Message

Welcome to Hilbert College Campus Safety. Our mission is to protect the campus community to ensure a safe environment in which to live and learn - one that's located in a safe, suburban area. Taking personal safety steps as well as reporting suspicious activities are some of the best ways you can help us to continue providing a secure campus environment.

Campus Safety is staffed by a director and eight officers who are licensed by New York State and have first aid/CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) training. Officers also receive training in other areas throughout the year. Campus safety officers are not police, however, they do have the authority to detain anyone on-campus who is behaving in a disorderly manner, committing a crime or posing a threat to themselves or others. You will see officers patrolling the campus by marked patrol car, golf cart or on foot 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We take pride in our duties to ensure the safety of all. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact campus safety at any time.

Matthew Schamann

Who We Are

Hilbert Campus Safety provides a security and safety program that offers around-the-clock patrol and services to the campus community. Campus Safety, which is made up of a director and officers, is responsible for enforcement of college rules, regulations and policies. Violations of law are reported to the Town of Hamburg Police Department for action or other appropriate local, state or federal authorities.

The duties of campus safety meet the specialized needs of the college, including:

  • Preventative patrol of grounds and buildings
  • Emergency first aid and assistance
  • Parking and traffic management
  • Crime prevention
  • Incident investigation and reporting
  • Enforcement of college policies (including those related to alcohol and drug use and weapons possession)
  • Special services, like safety seminars and escort services

All officers may be reached at:
Emergency Phones

Meet Our Officers

Matthew Schamann
649-7900, ext. 224

Full-Time Officers
Melissa Archer
Glen Busch
Ken Heary
Bill Leibold
Frank Tobias

Part-Time Officers
Tim Cushman
Greg Giermack
Chuck Hastings
Mike Johnson
Katrina Matthewson
Justin Proudman
Andy Sheridon
Al Wilkie