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Courtney Witherspoon 
Director of Student Success & Retention
107 Bogel Hall


Job Description

Peer leaders work collaboratively with faculty and staff to assist first-year students in their successful transition to Hilbert College. They serve as role models, advocates, and knowledgeable guides to new students during orientation programs and in Foundations Seminar. In addition, peer leaders assist students with academic success strategies, identify on-campus resources and activities, and help students acclimate to the Hilbert College community.



  • Qualify as a full time student at Hilbert, enrolled in at least 12 hours of academic credit per semester
  • Have a CQPA of 2.5 or above in good standing
  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm to work collaboratively with peer leader team
  • Demonstrate professionalism when working with faculty, staff, and students
  • Strong written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Possess an understanding and sensitivity to concerns faced by new students
  • Maintain confidentiality of students and maintain appropriate relationships
  • Exhibit an appreciation and respect for diversity
  • Serve as a positive role model in and out of the classroom
  • Attend and participate in all mandatory training sessions and meetings
    • Stay overnight on campus, when required
  • Understand and uphold the Franciscan mission of the College and interact with students and the community in a professional and responsible manner
  • Exercise good judgment in representing the College and uphold institutional standards, including the Honor Code and the Social Media Policy




Orientation Responsibilities

  • Serve as a mentor and guide to first-year students and their families during the program
  • Lead/ Facilitate large and small groups during the program
    • Facilitate small group curriculum, discussions, Question and Answer sessions, icebreakers and games, panels, etc.
  • Attend and participate in all required trainings and program dates. See attached for more information.


GS 101 Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and collaborate with assigned GS 101 instructor in planning coursecurriculum; may include presentations on specific topics, facilitating group discussions, sharing personal experiences and actively reaching out to students
  • Attend and participate in all scheduled trainings, programs, meetings, and class sessions
  • Create and be prepared to present lessons and workshops for students
  • Help students become familiar with College resources and refer to appropriate resources when necessary
  • Meet one- on- one with students who require additional assistance and support
  • Communicate with GS 101 instructor about any student issues/concerns
  • Assist in developing an inclusive classroom environment that is open to all points of view



Compensation and Benefits

  • Development of Transferrable Leadership Skills:
    • Presentation skills
    • Community building
    • Organizational skills
    • Ability to work on a team
    • Personal confidence
    • Interpersonal skills
  • A $600 stipend ($300 per semester) minus applicable taxes
  • Peer Leader Uniform


*Failure to uphold the responsibilities and requirements as outlined above could affect your compensation amount, and/or lead to your dismissal from the program