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Hilbert Diversity Statement

Hilbert College’s Catholic Franciscan values call us to create a diverse community that is inclusive, responsive, and supportive of all students, staff, and faculty. Consistent with our mission, the Hilbert community seeks to move beyond tolerance of each other to genuine acceptance and celebration of the unique gifts each person brings. We will intentionally integrate the rich diversity of our campus community into our educational processes by developing a living and learning environment that allows us to expand our knowledge and practice our values as part of a diverse and inclusive society. We will achieve these aspirations through ongoing efforts to extend our understanding, disciplined review of our achievements, and regular evaluation of our processes and outcomes.

We Acknowledge

  • That all Hilbert College community members have intrinsic worth
  • That the Hilbert College community benefits from its members who bring varied backgrounds and diverse perspectives
  • That Hilbert College educational experience is enhanced by an understanding of the Franciscan values

We Aspire

  • To create a community that respects and appreciates the dignity and uniqueness of all and reflects this in our teaching-learning process and our campus climate
  • To increase diversity in all parts of the Hilbert College community through active recruitment
  • To educate and engage all members of our campus community to foster an environment of acceptance and openness

We Act

  • To ensure that the Hilbert College community intentionally engages diversity to support the social and academic growth of the students by developing a curriculum that incorporates diverse viewpoints, experiences, and social justice
  • Actively recruit and retain more faculty and staff from diverse groups
  • Actively recruit and retain a student body that represents a diverse population
  • Cultivate a community that is committed to service, respect, and compassion

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What is Diversity?

Presented by the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion at Hilbert College. Produced by Hilbert College Communications Club. 
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