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Committee for Diversity and Inclusion

Special Announcement:  
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Cultural Climate survey. Results will be compiled and shared with the campus community in the near future. 

Mission: The Committee for Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to aiding in the creation and maintenance of a welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and engaging campus experience for all campus community members.  

Purpose: The committee serves as a working group of students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni who assess the climate of the institution and recommends strategies to implement best practices for the sustainability of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus culture at Hilbert College. 


  • Assess the cultural climate of the institution and provide recommendations for change to the Provost
  • Increase the cultural competency of campus community members through the provision of educational programs and encouragement of professional development opportunities
  • Advise the Provost on recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, staff, and students


The Committee for Diversity and Inclusion has three subcommittees that meet outside of our regular monthly meetings to work in the areas of: 

Assessment:  Creation of campus climate assessment, dissemination of assessment, collection and reporting of data

Education: Educates the campus community about the committee, partners with campus community members to provide workshop opportunities to increase cultural competency at least twice a year, provides semesterly updates about best practices regarding diversity and inclusion from an institutional viewpoint

Policies and Procedures: Reviews and advises updates for campus policies and procedures to be more inclusive, equitable, and facilitate the recruitment, hiring, and retention of more diverse campus community members.

Committee for Diversity and Inclusion Members

Kristina Lantzky- Eaton (Administrator)

James Sturm (Administrator)

Yvonne Downes (Faculty)

Kate Eskew (Faculty)

Gordon Snow  (Faculty)

Sharon Sisti (Faculty, Committee Co- chair)

Ted Mallwitz (Staff)

Gregory Peri  (Staff)

Jeff Papia (Staff)

Debbie Dimitrovski (Staff)

Nautica McCoy (Student Representative)

Vanessa Enciso  (Student Representative)

Brynn Biesik (Student Representative)

Questions or concerns regarding the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion can be sent via email to

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What is Diversity?

Presented by the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion at Hilbert College. Produced by Hilbert College Communications Club. 
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