Any non Forensic Science major may participate in a minor in Forensic Science by adhering to the following policy:

1.         Apply by completing a form provided by the Office of Student Records which will be
            forwarded to the appropriate departments for evaluation.
If approved,
2.         Take the following five courses:
                        CJ 101     Introduction to Criminal Justice
                        CJ 204     Crime and Society
                        FS 101     Introduction to Forensic Science
                        FS 318     Special Topics in Forensic Science I
                        FS 319     Special Topics in Forensic Science II
3.         Take any one course listed within this group:
                        CJ 314     Environmental Investigations
                        CJ 315     Laws and Rules of Evidence
                        CJ 404     Criminal Investigation/Criminalistics
                        PSY 410 Forensic Psychology