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(716) 926-8812
156 Bogel Hall

Jean Boland
Vice President for Finance & Administration

Robert Pawelski
IT Coordinator/Smart Classroom Specialist


The IT Help Desk is the first point of contact for any student, staff, or faculty member requesting services from the Information Services department.

Our duties are to help set up students with wireless connection to RESNET, manage student’s Hilbert computer accounts and handle Hilbert’s network printers, computer software and hardware.  We can often help provide expert advice as it pertains to personal computers. Please note that we are unable to provide repair services for personally owned equipment, and recommend you contact your PC manufacturer or an outside vendor. 

If you need your account information, laptop authorized for the wireless network, or just have a question, stop in or email us today.   We've also joined Facebook!  Click 'Like' on our page to the right and stay posted with all recent IT changes, service interruptions or advisories.

Office Hours:

In Bogel Hall 156:

8:30 AM
to 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday

Call or email us!
 (716) 926-8812

24/7/365 Support Resources:

Technological support for events not hosted during traditional Help Desk hours will be considered on a case by case basis.  Please contact the Help Desk directly with these requests.

Blackboard Assistance: Support Website (support documents available)
Blackboard Collaborate Assistance: Blackboard Collaborate Support Portal (support documents, chat and email based support) or call 1-877-382-2293. 

Please note that these resources are not offered by Hilbert, but through the creators of Blackboard and Blackboard Collaborate.  We encourage you to consider using these resources if you require assistance when the Help Desk is unavailable.