Academic minors allow you to learn about subjects outside your undergraduate degree major, an alternative that will both complement your main field of study and increase your career and professional marketability in today's rapidly changing work environment.

Consult with your academic adviser for more information about pursuing a minor at Hilbert. Your adviser can help you determine what college minor would most enhance your academic major as well as your career objectives.

To pursue a minor, you must be in your sophomore year and have written permission from your department chairperson and the chairperson of the department offering the minor. A grade of C or better in all courses for the minor must be achieved.

Available Hilbert College minors include:


You can also gain a more in-depth understanding of a specific subject or area of interest within your major by selecting a concentration from the list below. Your chosen concentration can help you develop the background and abilities sought after by many of today's employers. With more than 30 concentrations, you have many options available to match your interests.

Concentrations available at Hilbert include:

A well-rounded education matters. Begin with comprehensive coursework within your undergraduate major, then expand and support your educational understanding with a college minor that helps you explore a course of studies that complements your major. Or make an even deeper impact in your major with a concentration that refines and defines the direction of your studies. At Hilbert College, we’ll help you explore both options. Contact us today to learn more.