While choosing from an interdisciplinary curriculum that joins courses in political science, philosophy, history, and sociology, you'll be prepared for a career in law, government, or regional and urban planning. You'll have the opportunity to gain practical experience through an internship.
The Liberal Studies interdisciplinary curriculum offers students a high degree of flexibility. Each student is encouraged to explore the different fields found both within the Liberal Studies curriculum and the general Hilbert curriculum. A broad-based Liberal Arts education is essential to the development of skills in critical thinking and communication and, in addition, to the student’s ability to foster a personal philosophy of life. Students will work closely with their advisors to tailor a unique set of courses to support their needs and interests. As each student identifies and clarifies his/her interests, advisors will also work with students to identify which of the many possible career paths in Law, Government, Regional Planning, or Education would be most rewarding.
To help determine and facilitate the career choices of students, each student is encouraged to take advantage of internship opportunities. Students may arrange semester-long internships locally or outside of the region in places such as Albany and Washington D.C. Internships help students gain real-world experience. In addition, students will be able to make useful contacts with professionals.
The combination of broad based Liberal Arts courses with internships enables students to make a seamless transition from the classroom to either the marketplace or to graduate school. Moreover, this unique combination of courses and opportunities allows the Liberal Studies student to make that transition with a powerful advantage over his or her competitors.
A course of study within the Liberal Studies program will provide students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge through a core set of program objectives through which students will:
·         Develop and refine core skills in critical reading and listening, synthesizing information, and articulating ideas and conclusions orally and in writing
·         Value and be able to interpret the impact of race, gender, class, and power historically and in the contemporary world
·         Develop the ability to use various modes of inquiry from the represented disciplines to think critically and independently, and solve problems
·         Develop and refine skills in researching and synthesizing information and articulating ideas and conclusions in writing
·         Instill and encourage an interdisciplinary perspective in the research and analysis of information
·         Develop a commitment to pursuing a life governed by respect for rights, integrity, and compassion.
Why Study Liberal Studies at Hilbert?
There are several advantages to studying liberal studies at Hilbert:
·         Opportunity to earn college credit while interning at a variety of local organizations and agencies, giving you practical experience that can lead to a full-time position at your intern site.
·         A student/teacher ratio of 14:1.
·         Day, evening and online courses to accommodate your busy schedule.
·         Chance to minor in one of more than a dozen academic areas available.
·         Unmatched personal attention and academic advisement.
·         Opportunity to learn from top-notch professors who have real-world experience in the liberal studies field.
·         Job search guidance in the profession.
·         Outstanding job opportunities after graduation.
·         Develop invaluable relationships with faculty that last long after you've graduated.