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Carraugh Reilly Nowak, M.FS.
Associate Professor of FS/CSI
Chair, Forensic Science
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Mary Ann Hobar, MS

Associate Professor, FS/CSI
Forensic Science Internship Coordinator
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The Hilbert Difference

  • Over 400 classroom hours of hands-on forensic training.

  • Faculty with many years of actual experience in the field of crime scene investigations.

  • Internships with law enforcement agencies and investigators.

  • Dedicated forensic lab and mock crime scene rooms.

Lindsey talks about how she found the forensic science program at Hilbert and why she loves living on campus.

Hilbert’s forensic science/crime scene investigation program has a two-fold reputation for excellence.

Our curriculum embraces the latest technological and practical knowledge in this exciting and evolving field, so it draws traditional-age college students looking to enter the field as well as veteran officers seeking to improve and update their skills.

Forensic science focuses on the analysis of evidence in laboratory settings, while crime scene investigation involves the proper identification, collection and chain-of-custody procedures of the evidence being analyzed. Hilbert blends the two areas with a strong emphasis on crime scene investigation and how it relates to the forensic lab.

Coursework includes crime scene photography, laws and rules regarding evidence, blood stain pattern analysis, fingerprint evidence and more.

Learn from experienced experts

Our program is distinguished by the experience and expertise of our faculty, many of whom have worked in criminal justice for 25 years or more and have earned advanced degrees. Our professors have worked as special agents, detectives and forensic investigators, and come from the ranks of the FBI, New York State Police, county sheriff’s departments, local police departments and the Erie County Medical Examiner's Office.

Hilbert’s program in forensic science/crime scene investigation, listed as an educational “opportunity” by the American Academy of Forensic Science, offers students small classes, personal attention and academic advisement, the flexibility of daytime or evening courses, and a commitment to help you earn your degree on time.

We also offer exciting internship opportunities at a wide array of agencies, and it is common for internships to lead to job offers for our graduates.

Earn your bachelor’s and master’s in five years

Hilbert’s innovative combined 4+1 BS/MS program lets students earn a bachelor’s degree in forensic science/crime scene investigation and a master’s degree in criminal justice administration in five years.

Students are admitted to the program after completing all undergraduate degree requirements, without the need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Students begin taking graduate-level courses during their final year of undergraduate study, then complete program requirements in the fifth year.

4+1 Policy

Crime Scene Investigation Outcomes

Recent FS/CSI graduates have found jobs with these titles:

Fingerprint Technician

Forensics Lab Technician

Crime Scene Scientist

Special Agent

Lab Specimen Processing Tech

Recent grads praise Hilbert program

CSI testimonials
Crime scene specialist Erica Laduca and records examiner/analyst Rebecca Elensky, members of the Class of 2013, say Hilbert paved their way to success. LEARN MORE