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Hilbert College students travel to the Dominican Republic for a service learning trip.

Business Management


An effective risk management plan is a very important component of the overall strategic management process of an organization. Risk management involves systematically assessing risk and taking protective measures to minimize risk with the focus on achieving overall organizational strategic goals and objectives.  Risk managers and insurance professionals help organizations identify, evaluate, and manage key risks, including business risk and natural disasters and catastrophes.

The Bachelor of Science in Risk Management (RM) at Hilbert College focuses on knowledge and skills needed to understand financial, legal, and economic concepts that are at the core of risk management. The curriculum includes concepts such as risk analysis, risk management, and property and casualty risk management.

The emphasis will also be placed on developing outstanding communications and management skills necessary for achieving success in a competitive business environment. Students who possess strong problem-solving and communications skills will be in better position to make key business decisions under fluctuating conditions and circumstances.  A fieldwork/internship in risk management for insurance industry or in industries that interact  with the insurance industry (e.g., banking, finance, and healthcare) will allow students to gain hands-on knowledge of risk management functions and operations.

Hilbert College has used a group of industry executives as a resource to develop this program, and to establish networking and research necessary to launch it, including establishing industry contacts for internship/fieldwork placements and employment opportunities for RM graduates. 

Hilbert’s 14-1 student-teacher ratio ensures that you’ll learn in friendly settings where you’re noticed and involved, not just a number in the crowd. Students at Hilbert get to know their professors, building relationships that often last long after graduation.

Tremendous Job Opportunities 

Career opportunities will grow significantly in the insurance and risk management industry in the coming years.  The globalization of businesses and complexities of multinational corporate environments are creating an increasing demand for highly skilled risk managers. Many baby boomers employed in risk management for years are retiring, leaving a huge void for qualified professionals needed in risk management and insurance industries.

Business Outcomes

Recent business graduates have found jobs with these titles:

Financial Advisor

Staffing Coordinator

Loan Officer

Claims Manager

Recruiting Coordinator

Direct Marketing Coordinator

Office and HR Administration

Management degree options at Hilbert

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Risk Management, Hilbert offers a Bachelor of Science in:
Associate degree
Hilbert also offers the Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Management, a two-year degree that prepares you for entry-level positions in business or for continued studies in a bachelor-level program.