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Feeling nervous about sending a loved one off to college? You're not alone. The family and friends of our residents have shared these exact feelings at one time or another. At Hilbert College, we understand that sending your student off to college – especially for the first time – can fill parents with both joy and dread. That’s why we’ve created a section specifically for parents, aimed at addressing your concerns and keeping you informed about what's happening in the Hilbert College residential community.

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Support Your Student!

The residence halls provide daily opportunities for students to explore differences and witness diversity of thought, perspective, and experience in action.  For many, it may be the first time they have had to share a space with others.  This sharing requires students to learn how to live cooperatively with others, effectively articulate their viewpoints and needs, and manage conflict through the interactions they have with other residents in their halls.

As your student adjusts to life on campus and living in the residence halls, there can be social adjustments and concerns about roommates and living situations. It often happens that you may hear of a roommate conflict before we do.  This can be distressing, and you may be tempted to take care of the situation yourself.  The best approach is to listen and support your student and let them address the issue(s). This often leads to a successful solution. Trained staff members are available to offer assistance and to mediate conflicts if necessary, but only after all perspectives are heard.  Do not assume the Office of Residence Life knows about the situation if your student has not spoken to their RA about it.

Communication is a key factor in avoiding and resolving roommate conflicts.  Here are some tips to guide your student in the right direction towards roommate conflict resolution.

  • If potential for a conflict arises, encourage your student to talk about the issue immediately with the roommate rather than let things go until it leads to resentment.
  • Let your student lead the conversation, listen to what they have to say, and avoid being judgmental.
  • Find out if all of the roommates have a signed roommate agreement, and ask if they have reviewed it together recently.
  • Ask if the roommates have sat down together and communicated their feelings freely with one another.
  • If your student has tried the above strategies with their roommate(s), ask if they have discussed the situation with their RA.  If not, encourage them to do so.  Residence Life cannot assist with a conflict if they do not know about it.

Parents FAQs

What if a student needs special accommodations?
Resident students may request special accommodations if required for a medical or mental health condition. Requests should be made through Accessibility Services. Residence Life can provide you the application for accommodations as well.

Who cleans the residence hall rooms?
Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. College maintenance staff clean the common areas, such as the hallways and lounges. Vacuum equipment is available for student use.

What is furnished in a residence room?
There is a bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers, and closet space for each student. Blinds are also furnished in each room. All rooms are carpeted.

What are some of the things my student should/should not bring?
To start, we suggest a student bring items that will make them feel at home. We have this list of items we recommend or ask students to avoid bringing to campus. Students will receive the most recent list in their housing letter this summer. 
What to Bring: Hilbert Residence Life

What if a student needs to arrive before residence halls open?
We may be able to accommodate an early arrival dependent on the request. All requests must be pre-approved 5 calendar days before intended arrival. Please contact or call us at 716-649-7900, ext. 362 to seek approval. 

Can students leave belongings in their rooms between semesters or during breaks?
Yes, students returning to the same room after the break may leave their belongings. Even though the residence hall is locked and secure during breaks, students are encouraged to take valuable items home. Electrical items must be unplugged, wastebaskets emptied, refrigerators defrosted and emptied, and windows must be closed and locked.  Apartments remain open during the breaks.

I am concerned about my student, who can I contact?
You may contact anyone you feel comfortable speaking with here at the College. We encourage parents to express concerns to the appropriate offices dependent on concern. If you are not sure, please contact Student Life, Counseling Services or Residence Life.

May my student bring a refrigerator?
Yes, one refrigerator, not exceeding 3.4 cubic feet, is allowed per resident. 

What size bedding will my student need?
Twin-size bedding will fit the beds in the residence hall.
**If students plan to get mattress toppers, we advise twin XL.

Can my student bring a car?
Any student may have a car on campus. Cars must be registered with the Office of Campus Safety. A student will receive a parking permit which must be displayed on the car.