Residency Requirement Appeal Form

The Office of Residence Life will review all appeals in regards to a student who is appealing the residency requirement of residing on campus. Appeals will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Residence Life and Dean of Students. The Vice President for Enrollment Management is consulted on new student cases. Depending on the rationale for the appeal, students may be asked to provide extensive documentation and rational supporting their request.



Please select your reason as to why you are appealing the residency requirement:


Please use the following fields to either submit the supplemental information necessary for appealing the residency requirement:

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Please note, someone from the appeal board may reach out to you by phone or email for clarifying questions.

Thank you for completing the Residency Requirement Appeal Form. Students will be notified in writing, via the email address used in this form, of the outcome of their appeal. Please note that this process can take up to 4 weeks. The appeal deadline to complete the residency requirement form is one month before hall opening.

Have questions about your appeal? Please contact Residence Life at