Summer housing Applications

Thank you for your interest in summer housing. All residents are housed in the Campus Apartments once they become available. Housing costs are $600/month for Summer 2024. There is a $125 security deposit for summer residents who are not enrolled at Hilbert College or will be commuting for Fall 2024.

All payment must occur with the Student Finance Office at Hilbert College. Residence Life will be working closely with the Student Finance team on generating bills for you. Students who are not enrolled at Hilbert College provide consent for conduct records to be released from their current institution to Residence Life & Community Standards to ensure students are in good standing. 

Please complete the following application to confirm a space in summer housing. Housing will not be permitted to students who are in poor standing with the college or are academically dismissed. Any non-Hilbert College resident will have a conduct check conducted with their current institution to live in college housing. 
Please select the date ranges you anticipate needing summer housing

Summer housing may require you to relocate multiple times throughout the summer to help facilities prepare for the academic year. Residence Life will give you at least 3 days notice if you need to move your belongings for painting, ongoing maintenance or when your space for the year is ready.
I have read and understand the items and conditions of the HOUSING CONTRACT, APPLICATION AND THE STUDENT HANDBOOK. Resident students will not be allowed to move in the Residences until all financial aid is credited and their account is paid in full or a payment plan is approved.  All balances are payable by the published due date on the invoice.  Failure to respond by the payment due date will result in a late fee and possible removal from the Residences.  By signing this contract there is no guarantee that I will be placed in the Residences. In the event that I do not get a room assignment, my housing deposit will be refunded in full. I also understand that failure to comply with Hilbert College policies could lead to disciplinary actions and/or termination of residency privileges. I understand that, this contract is a privilege and that I could be asked to leave summer housing if I am a disruption to my community. 
Thank you for living on campus for the summer of 2024. Housing information will be confirmed with students by May 1, 2024. If you request summer housing after May 1, a housing assignment will be given to you within three business days of completing this form. We highly encourage you to reach out if you need a faster turnaround time for housing. 

Please email if you have any questions about your housing information.