Student Handbook (PDF) 

Hilbert College Mission Statement 

Hilbert College is an independent institution of higher learning that embraces its Catholic Franciscan heritage and values. Students from diverse backgrounds are educated in liberal arts and professional programs to become informed citizens committed to serving and strengthening their communities.

Hilbert College Philosophy Statement

Hilbert College strives to be faithful to the deep and diverse historical foundations on which it rests. From the founding congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, we embrace the traditions of St. Francis: respect, service, hope, vision, joy, integrity, compassion, and peace. From the noble legacies of the liberal arts academy, we honor intellectual inquiry, freedom of thought, breadth of knowledge, and lifelong learning. And from our own history, we continue to reach out to students from all backgrounds. We are committed to providing them skills and resources to achieve success in a wide range of careers, recognizing that in today’s world, that entails equipping students to respond to a rapidly changing global environment.

The faculty and staff of Hilbert College are dedicated to providing students with individual attention and support while also allowing them to grow and explore new challenges. We celebrate the richness that comes from a diverse campus of individuals from many faiths and cultures. We emphasize the importance of service to our community, and we endeavor to be a voice for social justice in the world.

Hilbert College's Franciscan Values


the desire for a future good, joined with perseverance and trust that it can be attained
with God’s help


God’s love radiating from the core of one’s being to others, resulting in non-violence, forgiveness, reconciliation, and harmony


selflessly working and advocating for the well-being of others, especially the poor, the under-educated, and those in need



a conviction - outwardly manifested in an exuberant demeanor - that throughout the good and despite the bad times in life, the Spirit of God is always within us


firm adherence to doing what is right no matter what the circumstances may be


recognition and reverence for God’s presence in all creation including ourselves, others,
and the environment


heartfelt concern for another person’s suffering or need, accompanied by action to help better the situation


the ability to imagine what can be with God’s help



Diversity Pledge

Hilbert College pledges to foster and promote the ideals of respect, civility, inclusion, and appreciation of others.  We invite all students, faculty, and staff to join us in creating a community of inclusion and a safe space for open dialogue.  To do this, we encourage every member of our community to sign our Diversity Pledge. 

The Diversity Pledge signifies your commitment to diversity, social justice and inclusion at Hilbert College. There are various facets of diversity including, but not limited to: socio-economic status, age, race/ethnicity, gender, spirituality/religion, mental and physical ability, sexual orientation, and citizenship.  However, diversity is not only about being aware of our differences as individuals, but actively embracing them.

The Diversity Pledge is our commitment to diversity and inclusion, social justice and building a holistic community.  By signing the pledge, you commit to the following:

  • To promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, civility, and appreciation of others in our campus community and beyond.
  • To learn more about cultural diversity, engage in intercultural dialogues, and examine my own biases.
  • To live by the Franciscan core values of our institution: service, respect, compassion, peace, hope, joy, integrity, and vision.
  • To refrain from using derogatory language, discriminating behavior and to challenge stereotypes in a respectful way.

Liberal Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Students will acquire advanced core skills.
These core skills include written and oral communication, critical reading and listening, scientific understanding, quantitative literacy and technological fluency at levels required for personal and professional success in real-world situations.

Outcome 2: Students will become inter-culturally aware and acquire an openness to diversity. 
Skills necessary for local and global civic engagement in the 21st century include an awareness and appreciation of world cultures and languages, as well as an understanding of non-dominant groups and societies at home and abroad. 

Outcome 3: Students will acquire effective reasoning and problem-solving skills.
These include the development of multiple, sophisticated problem-solving strategies that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, promote intellectual curiosity and innovation, and are practiced in individual and team situations with emphasis on ethical reasoning and action.

Outcome 4: Students will develop advanced research skills.
These include development of traditional and technology-enhanced research strategies, the ability to recognize the validity of information sources, and the skill to articulate and apply research findings to professional and real-world situations.  

Outcome 5: Student will develop skills in integrative learning.
These skills include collaborative work combining analytical and experiential learning that transcends disciplines, crosses campus and community boundaries, encourages leadership, and blends career preparation with the capacity to apply one’s learning to the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. 

Outcome 6.  Students will develop the ability to lead and examined life and value the need for lifelong learning.
In a rapidly changing world, students will learn that these skills in self-renewal, social and cultural awareness, and ethical reasoning and action are essential personally and professionally for life in the 21st century.


All rules, regulations, policies, procedures, programs, courses, and staff are subject to change without notice. Hilbert College reserves the right to change the rules and regulations in this handbook as may be deemed necessary. Handbooks do not constitute a legal contract between students and the College.

CEEB College Code Number: 2334

ACT College Code Number: 2759

Directory Information

The College may release certain data on students to interested parties for the purpose of verification (e.g. prospective employers, insurance carriers, federal/state agencies).  Such information may include name, address, and phone number, date of attendance, quality point average, awards and degrees received.  Such information is requested on an ongoing basis from the areas of student records, student finance, and career outcomes.

If a student wishes that no information be released, a written request must be filed with the Office of Student Records.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

Pursuant to College policy, Hilbert College is committed to ensuring equal employment, educational opportunity, and equal access to services, programs, and activities without regard to an individual’s race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, gender, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, predisposing genetic characteristics, marital status, veteran status, military status, domestic violence victim status, or ex-offender status. Employees, students, applicants or other members of the College community (including but not limited to vendors, visitors, and guests) may not be subjected to harassment that is prohibited by law or treated adversely based upon a protected characteristic.

The College’s policy is in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination and harassment. These laws include the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as Amended by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, and the New York State Human Rights Law. These laws prohibit discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Inquiries regarding the application of Title IX and other laws, regulations and policies prohibiting discrimination may be directed to:

Laura Edlhom
Title IX Coordinator
Associate Athletic Director,
Head Mixed Golf Coach
Call: (716) 926-8843

Dr. Kristine Still
Provost & Executive Vice President
Bogel Hall

Inquiries may also be directed to the United States Department of Education - Office for Civil Rights.