Hilbert Blueprint - Building Leadership
Hilbert College has crafted a plan promoting a four-year college experience that will bolster student involvement and leadership potential –The Hilbert Blueprint.

The Hilbert Blueprint promotes a well-rounded student experience over four years. The ‘blueprint’ begins with the Foundations Seminar – a key piece to the First-Year Experience, followed by Sophomore Service, Junior Symposium, and concludes with the Senior Capstone. 

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First-Year Experience

All incoming freshman are required to participate in the First-Year Experience and the Foundations Seminar. This is designed to get all students acquainted with the college experience and includes participation in a minimum of two ‘passport’ activities on campus. All first year students will participate in the Hilbert College Reads program. Each student will receive a complimentary copy of the year’s selected text and potentially have an opportunity to meet the author.

Sophomore Service

Students are obligated to take one course with a service-learning requirement. Service-learning requirements are unique to each class. In some classes, the entire class may work together on one single project that benefits the community and meets a community need. In other courses, students may be provided the opportunity to complete a service-learning activity by selecting an organization or project from a list of pre-approved community partners and activities. These activities are linked to the classroom curriculum and help meet a need in the community.

Junior Symposium

Three professors from different disciplines teach the mandatory Junior Symposium course, which encourages students to follow current events and introduces The New York Times as daily reading. Juniors engage in active debates and student-led discussions, which encourage participants to disagree civilly.

Senior Capstone

The Hilbert College Blueprint culminates with the Senior Capstone. Unique to each department, the capstone could be – but is not limited to – a project, internship, or research paper. The Senior Capstone is designed to synthesize the student’s four-year educational experience and support the college’s mission to produce ‘informed citizens committed to serving and strengthening their communities.’