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Debra A. McLoughlin
Director of Accessibility, Academic Services & Opportunity
McGrath Library 106
Call: (716)926-8866


All students must meet the academic standards for admission into Hilbert College.  Once admitted, a student with a disability is responsible for disclosing and providing documentation to Accessibility Services to be eligible for accommodations or services.  Eligibility for accommodations is based on a case-by-case/course-by-course basis each semester.

In order to receive services, students must:

  1. Self-identify to the Director of Academic & Accessibility Services.
  2. Provide current documentation from a qualified professional such as a physician, licensed psychologist or other practitioner who is skilled in the diagnosis of disability.
  3. Contact the Director of Academic & Accessibility Services to schedule a meeting to discuss appropriate services and/or accommodations.

Students must schedule an appointment each semester to obtain a confidential notification form to be distributed to current faculty.  These notification forms contain only information regarding accommodations.


Common Accommodations in College

  • Tests and Quizzes
    • Extended time
    • Use of technology - text to speech, speech to text, word processor, alternate format, etc
    • Distraction reduced environment
  • In the Classroom
    • Note taker
    • Interpreter / CART
    • Use of technology - laptop, smart pen, digital recorder, etc. 
  • Other
    • Housing
    • Attendance
    • Dietary needs
    • Priority needs
    • Alternate format materials
    • Service animals

Once registered with Accessibility Services, students will be granted membership to a confidential organization within the college’s course management system, Blackboard, titled “The Office of Accessibility Services.”  Within this Blackboard group, students will have access to all information regarding programs, services, and procedures within the Accessibility Office.  Informational announcements and reminders will be posted regularly and Office Hours will be available through the Blackboard interface on specific days and times for student convenience.