4+1 Accelerated Degree Programs

Hilbert College has developed a 4 + 1 program for undergraduate students that allow those who qualify academically to enroll in graduate courses their senior year at Hilbert College for the following programs:

  • Criminal Justice B.S. & Master of Criminal Justice

  • Forensic Science B.S. & Master of Criminal Justice

  • Political Science B.S. & Master of Public Administration

  • Human Services B.S. & Master of Public Administration: Health Administration Track

The Hilbert Difference Graphic

  • Save on tuition costs
  • Accelerated 16 month programs
  • Earn both degrees in the same calendar year
  • Saturday only-on campus graduate classes
  • Take one class at a time – courses are scheduled in five-week modules


Graduate courses completed during the student’s senior year meet the academic requirements for the completion of the bachelor’s degree. Graduate course credits are then transferred to the graduate program when the student meets all admission requirements for the graduate program. This program rewards undergraduate students who have performed at the highest levels.

Admission into the graduate program is not automatic and students must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. All 4+1 students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 at the end of their junior year and require no more than 30 credits to complete their undergraduate degree at the start of the fall semester senior year to apply for provisional admission.
  2. During provisional admission 4+1 students are eligible to take up to a maximum of 5 classes or 15 graduate credits during their senior year (fall and spring semesters only). 
  3. All 4+1 students must apply for and receive undergraduate degrees before they can be considered for matriculation into the graduate program.  The degree must be completed by the end of the spring semester senior year in order to fulfill the graduate program requirements for admission. Failure to complete the undergraduate degree will result in the inability to matriculate into the graduate program.  In the event that any student begins the summer graduate courses before the grades are completed for their spring semester, it is their responsibility to pay any tuition dues or payback any graduate loans for graduate courses they are not eligible for. 
  4. Any graduate courses completed during a student’s senior year that meet academic requirements of the Master’s degree must have been completed with a grade of B or better. Failure to earn a B will result in the inability to matriculate into the graduate program.
  5. The student will be responsible to adhere to both the graduate and undergraduate student handbooks and academic calendars for both programs during their senior year.
  6. All 4+1 students are required to complete a registered formal internship prior to the start of their first matriculated semester of graduate school. The internship must be approved by the department of graduate studies. Internships may be completed as either undergraduate or graduate course credits. Failure to complete an approved internship will result in the inability to matriculate into the graduate program.