Hilbert Grad FAQ Applying and Costs

What programs do you offer?
Hilbert College offers 3 Graduate Programs, all available in person or online.
Master’s in Public Administration
Master’s in Public Administration: Health Administration
Criminal Justice Administration

Where do I apply?
Our FREE application is available here.
Click APPLY – Graduate Studies

What are the admissions requirements?
1) Complete the FREE online application
2) Submit ALL OFFICIAL college transcripts
3) Submit a personal admission statement / essay
4) Submit two letters of recommendation
5) Submit a current resume

What does it cost to attend?
Our entire 16-month program is affordable at under $25,000.

How do I cover the costs for my graduate degree?
Students can use federal graduate loans, grants, employer tuition assistance, etc. Talk to someone from the department to discuss options for covering the costs at graduatestudies@hilbert.edu

What scholarships are available for me as a graduate student?
Currently we offer $500 for students who visit in person or on a zoom call and $1,000 for Hilbert Alumni

I submitted an application before but didn’t enroll, now I am ready do I need to reapply?
We can hold your application and materials for one semester following your initial application. After that you will need to reapply and resubmit your materials.

How do I submit my application materials?
You can submit the application materials at graduatestudies@hilbert.edu
You may also mail in your materials to:

Hilbert College
Center for Graduate and Online Studies
5200 South Park Ave
Hamburg, NY 14075

Who can write my letters of recommendation?
Your letters of recommendation can come from previous professors, bosses, work colleagues, etc. Anyone who is not related to you that would attest to why you would be a good fit for a master’s program. If you need a form for them to fill out, please use ours here.

I have a copy of my undergraduate transcript and degree, is this sufficient for acceptance?
We can give you a conditional acceptance based on your unofficial transcript. We will need the official copy before we can enroll you in the program.

Where can I get an official transcript?
Your undergraduate college’s registrar office can provide you information on their procedure to send us the transcript. Most colleges allow students to request these on their websites.

Do I need my GRE to apply?
The GRE is optional to apply. We will keep them for your record.

I am an international student, how do I apply?
Please contact our office if you’re an international student at graduatestudies@hilbert.edu. Your application can be started here.

What is the GPA requirement to be accepted into a Master’s program?
When we are reviewing application materials we look at each student individual to see if they are a good fit for their program. If you feel your GPA may be lower than most standard admissions, please write in your personal statement about your undergraduate experiences and how you will succeed in the program at Hilbert College.

How soon will I know if I am accepted?
Once all application materials are submitted, the department reviews the applications and makes a decision typically within one week.

Is there an application fee?
Apply online for no application fee!

Is there a deadline to apply?
Hilbert College has a rolling admissions, meaning you can apply at any time. We do encourage early applicants to ensure you have everything completed by the start of the semester.

After submitting my application for one program, I realized a different program is a better fit for me. What can I do?
Please contact the department if you would like to discuss changing programs at graduatestudies@hilbert.edu

Where can I access my financial aid package?
Once you have been accepted and completed your FAFSA you can access your financial aid at finaid.hilbert.edu. If you do not plan on using federal graduate loans to pay for your enrollment, please contact our office as soon as possible at graduatestudies@hilbert.edu.

I want to schedule an appointment to talk to someone about the program, how can I do that?
While our department works on a visiting page, please make an appointment here. You can also contact us via email at graduatestudies@hilbert.edu.

Hilbert Grad FAQ After Acceptance

I am ready to enroll, what are my next steps?
Please contact the Director of Graduate Admissions at 716-926-8783 or graduatestudies@hilbert.edu.

How do I register for classes?
Your registration will be completed for you by the Director of Graduate Studies and Student Services. If you have any questions, please contact them at graduatestudies@hilbert.edu.

I have accessibility needs, where can I go to get assistance?
We can assist you with whatever services you need for learning. Please contact Debbie Dimitrovski if you need any accommodations at ddimitrovski@hilbert.edu

How do I obtain books for my classes?
Hilbert College has books available through their bookstore. Please visit their website at https://www.bkstr.com/hilbertstore/home. Please contact the bookstore if you are not from the area and need assistance getting your books delivered to you at hilbert@bkstr.com.

Please contact the bookstore if you are not from the area and need assistance getting your books delivered to you at bherne@hilbert.edu.

I am a veteran, do you provide services for me?
Hilbert College is listed as a Military Friendly School and offers support to Veterans achieving their education goals. Please visit our Veterans website for more information.

I enrolled but now need to withdraw, what do I need to do?
All requests must go through The Center for Graduate and Online studies at graduatestudies@hilbert.edu

I want to switch from in-person class to online or vice versa, can I do that?
All requests must go through The Center for Graduate and Online studies at graduatestudies@hilbert.edu

Hilbert Grad FAQ Research Project

Where do I go if I need help with research?
Each student will be assigned a mentor in the program that will be their go-to for research questions. In addition, our school offers services through our Library. Whether you’re online or in class they are available to all students for assistance with their project. Please contact them here.

I need forms and materials for my research project, where can I find them?
All of the graduate project materials can be found here.

Hilbert Grad FAQ Technology

Who do I contact if I am having technical difficulties with blackboard?
Please contact the 24/7 IT Help desk at 716-926-8812.

I can’t log into my financial aid account, how do I get help?
If you are locked out of your financial aid account, please contact the financial aid office at studentfinance@hilbert.edu

I can’t log into blackboard, who do I contact?
Please contact the IT Help Desk 24/7 at 716-926-8812.

I can’t log into my email or self-service, who do I contact?
Please contact the 24/7 IT Help desk at 716-926-8812.

Hilbert Grad FAQ Miscellaneous

Do we get breaks during the 16 months?
Yes! While it is a rigorous program, there are some breaks. Please look at the graduate calendar under your prospective cohort here.

What if I want to withdraw or take a break?
All requests must go through The Center for Graduate and Online studies at graduatestudies@hilbert.edu

I am almost ready for graduation, what do I do?
The first step is to make sure your graduation check list is completed. Fill out your application for graduation with the registrar. Please check with their office about any deadlines to completing this form at studentrecords@hilbert.edu

Where can I find the latest updates about COVID-19?
All of our on-going updates can be located on the COVID-19 page here.