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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead 

Meaningful, sustainable partnerships with community organizations form the foundation for Hilbert College's service-learning efforts. Community organizations include non-profit organizations, government agencies and area school districts.  Community organizations interested in exploring a partnership with Hilbert College should contact the Center for Career & Community Engagement at 649-7900 ext. 356 to discuss ideas for collaboration.

Becoming a Community Partner

Our Center for Career & Community Engagement serves to create, maintain and sustain partnerships with our local and regional community.  We look forward to partnering with new community organizations as "Community Partners" to enhance the learning experience of Hilbert students.

Community organizations may contact the Center directly to discuss the possibility of building partnerships in a service learning capacity.  In addition, our Center may set up meetings between faculty and community partners to connect about service projects, and maintain ongoing communication throughout the semester.


Whenever possible, initial contact between Hilbert and a community partner will be facilitated by Hilbert' Center for Career & Community Engagement or faculty member. This contact is intended to identify the types of opportunities available through the community partner and the times/dates/expectations of the student service. Students will then be expected to contact the service site directly to make arrangements for their service, when appropriate.  

Community agencies should only agree to take students if the presence of the students will be an asset, rather than a burden, to the organization. The intention of service-learning is to meet a community need and only the community partner can determine if such a need exists.

Community partners are encouraged to keep in close contact with the faculty member or Center staff member throughout the semester in order to address issues or concerns as they arise. At the conclusion of the service activities, the community partner may be asked to complete an evaluation of their experience with service-learning students.  

Community agencies are encouraged to contact the Center for Career & Community Engagement with any issues, concerns or thoughts as soon as they arise.

Documents and Forms

Students performing service learning tasks at Community Partner sites are responsible for tracking their hours of service using the Student Time Sheet document listed below.  This document requires a Community Partner initial for hours served on-site.  

Student Time Sheets  

Past Service Learning Experiences

This past semester Hilbert College collaborated with over 40 community partners across 16 service-learning courses resulting in 2,655 hours served.  Students worked side-by-side with our community partners in a variety of settings, including animal rescue groups, community health organizations, homeless shelters, governmental agencies, assisted living facilities and community recreational facilities.  Students assisted the agencies with direct-care duties, project-based work and outreach/fundraising activities.

In celebration of the service and collaboration experienced by the students, faculty and community partners, Hilbert College hosts a Service Learning Recognition Breakfast in April.  The event is held in conjunction with Hilbert College's Annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning.  Presentations are made commemorating the work performed in the community as part of the students' academic learning. At our past event, Professor Christopher Gallant and students in Digital Media classes presented the promotional videos created by the class for various community partners. The videos are included below as an example of a project-based service learning collaboration.

Unyts Statistics Promotional from Chris Gallant on Vimeo.

Unyts "Do It" Promotional from Chris Gallant on Vimeo.