GOAL 1: Mission and Identity


We will enhance our Catholic, Franciscan identity by deepening our engagement with our values and heritage. Our understanding of the dignity and worth of every human being inspires us to serve and develop all members of our community, and to give special welcome and support to those among us who experience marginalization and injustice.


Strategy #1:  Infuse our Catholic, Franciscan mission across all college enterprise.

1.1 Nurture our understanding of our Franciscan values and history, making them more visible on campus and in our online programs.

1.2 Empower students, faculty, and staff to embrace the journey of deeper spiritual engagement.

1.3 Ensure that our Catholic, Franciscan character is infused into the content of our academic programs, athletics, extracurricular activities, and student life.

1.4 Care for God’s creation through a deepened commitment to sustainable stewardship of the earth and our campus resources.


Strategy #2:  Strengthen the appreciation of diversity and difference within our Catholic higher education setting.

2.1 Use academic, artistic, and community resources to engage the values of our time in a respectful dialogue with Catholic tradition.

2.2 Provide opportunities for staff, faculty, alumni, and students to share their personal stories, convictions, and searching with the wider community as a way to build knowledge and trust. 

2.3 Identify and remove barriers to participation for all those from diverse backgrounds, and from underserved communities.

2.4 Affirm our common beliefs through ecumenical engagement and hospitality with non-Catholic and non-Christian faith traditions. 


Strategy #3:  Develop our people to their highest potential to serve a world in need.

3.1 Commit to a holistic approach to recruitment and talent acquisition that enhances our Catholic mission. 

3.2 Use a model of servant leadership and subsidiarity to develop our faculty, staff, and students. 

3.3 Serve our community and region through partnerships of service, prayer, and reflection on action which flow from Franciscan spirituality.

3.4 Review our commitments to sustainability, social justice, and ethics as they are expressed in our institutional policies and practices.