GOAL 1: Mission and Identity

We will enhance our Catholic, Franciscan identity by deepening our engagement with our values and heritage. Our understanding of the dignity and worth of every human being inspires us to serve and develop all members of our community, and to give special welcome and support to those among us who experience marginalization and injustice.

Strategy 1: Ensure that our Catholic, Franciscan mission is comprehensively integrated, widely known, and effectively measured.

1.1 Foster employee engagement with the Catholic, Franciscan mission of Hilbert College by developing a robust and ongoing orientation and formation program, including a Virtual Assisi experience.

1.2 Develop a hiring program to recruit and support a diverse, equitable, and mission-driven workforce.

1.3 Infuse Catholic Social Teaching and the Franciscan tradition into our academic programs, particularly within the Hilbert Blueprint and online.

1.4 Design and implement a college-wide mission assessment process.

Strategy 2: Cultivate a shared Catholic, Franciscan identity across campus in and through visible celebrations of our mission and heritage.

2.1 Foster a deeper appreciation of sacred space and Catholic sacramental life by enhancing St. Clare Chapel with renovations and refreshed liturgical decorum.

2.2 Commission a mural on campus to celebrate our mission, history, and heritage.

2.3 Engage the entire campus in a celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph.

2.4 Create an interactive Mission & Heritage Exhibit inside Franciscan Hall.

Strategy 3: Strengthen our commitment to social justice and create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive college.

3.1 Ensure appropriate exposure to diversity throughout the curriculum.

3.2 Create a community that respects and appreciates the inherent dignity and uniqueness of all.

3.2.1 Establish a diversity, equity, and inclusion training and development program.

3.2.2 Implement and publicize a biennial cultural climate survey with targets for improvement.

3.3 Develop and sustain a Franciscan Advocacy & Resource Center to support students at risk and in need.

3.4 Care for God’s creation by deepening our institutional commitment to environmental sustainability.

3.5 Enhance our service and commitment to the local and regional community in prayer, partnership, and collaboration.

Strategy 4: Enhance the student experience of our Catholic, Franciscan mission.

4.1 Develop digital ministry programming to nurture spiritual development and mission engagement among students.

4.2 Affirm our common beliefs by increasing ecumenical dialogue and interfaith engagement.

4.3 Design an annually occurring student retreat experience.