GOAL #3: Strengthen Academic Performance and the Student Experience

Strengthening the academic performance and the student experience will lead to increased student success and retention.  A student’s education is dependent on an inclusive living and learning environment.  Our intent is to increase academic opportunities, diversity of faculty, staff and students, and enhance the student experience.

Strategy #1:  Establish and enhance a highly engaged academic and campus experience that supports students’ pathways to success.

1.1 Develop and implement a comprehensive student retention plan to reach a 75% retention rate and 55% graduation rate.

1.2 Create a support structure to recruit and retain a diverse student body.

1.3 Enhance the student centered advising and registration process

Strategy #2: Develop a vibrant campus environment that strengthens student engagement and foster student development.

2.1 Build a dynamic and engaging residence program that will serve 35% of the undergraduate student population.

2.2 Provide students with the skills and resources to become successful leaders on campus and in the community.

2.3 Enhance support of student health, safety, and wellness allowing them to grow personally and develop professionally.

Strategy #3:  Increase and expand new academic program opportunities to support enrollment growth.

3.1 Increase the number of high enrollment programs.

3.2 Provide internship and engaged learning opportunities for students to gain workplace experience.

3.3 Implement a program review process to identify new programs, improve existing programs and identify programs that no longer serve the needs of students and the community.

Strategy #4:  Ensure a robust culture of scholarly research and instruction to support a strong liberal arts experience.

4.1 Evaluate and update the Hilbert Blueprint throughout campus so that it reflects the student experience.

4.2 Develop a strong first year-program for undergraduate students.

4.3 Build a strong undergraduate research program to increase student engagement.

Strategy #5:  Develop a campus culture that values an innovative liberal arts education, scholarly engagement, and enhanced collaboration.

5.1 Develop data dashboards and a data governance system to streamline generation and acquisition of information.

5.2 Strengthen professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.

5.3 Hilbert College faculty, staff, and administration will participate in a strong shared governance program to support the growth of the College and student achievement.

5.4 Create a retention and recruitment plan to develop a more diverse faculty and staff.