GOAL #2:  Growing Enrollment

Develop enrollment in new ways that diversify revenue streams and strengthen the College’s financial position.

Strategy #1:  Generate sufficient applications from prospective students to meet or exceed overall traditional student enrollment growth projections.

1.1 Increase first-year student enrollment.

1.2 Increase new, transfer student enrollment.

1.3 Increase international student enrollment.

1.4 Increase graduate student enrollment.

1.5 Increase brand awareness in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets with key audiences.

1.6 Improve efficiency in brand/enrollment advertising. 

1.7 Increase and improve engagement, involvement, and affinity through storytelling.

1.8 Increase the number of unduplicated student-athletes. 

Strategy #2:  Work with partners to improve processes, communications, and service to all prospective student populations.

2.1 Create campaigns to improve communication and information flow to increase conversion rates from prospect through deposit/enrolled. 

2.2 Deploy new financial aid matrix that leverages institutional aid to better position Hilbert to meet enrollment targets and increase net tuition revenue as well. 

2.3 Begin review of selecting and implementing a new constituent relationship management system (CRM).

2.4 Conduct external brand audit.

Strategy #3:  Develop new pipelines of students to expand Hilbert’s footprint in the region and beyond.

3.1 Collaborate with graduate faculty and share admissions data to determine new programs or program modifications that will increase revenue.

3.2 Engage with firm to market, recruit and enroll international students. 

Strategy #4:  Improve the campus visit experience.

4.1 Redesign the campus tour program to take advantage of the upgrades to campus signage and branding initiatives. 

4.2 Conduct additional training of Hilbert Ambassadors and tour guides to ensure key messaging and strong features of the Hilbert Experience.

4.3 Continue to engage faculty and staff in all admissions events and with all visitors.

4.4 Work to involve our alumni admissions volunteers in college fairs and campus events.

4.5 Improve “curb appeal” of various areas on campus.

Strategy #5:  Leverage athletics to better engage, recruit, and retain students.

5.1 Reintroduce Men’s Volleyball; Transition/hire a full-time Head Women’s & Men’s Volleyball Coach.

5.2 Review and apply for NCAA grants that provide funding to support females and/or ethnic minorities wishing to pursue careers in college athletics, i.e., NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Internship Grant; NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women’s Strategic Alliance Matching Grant; NCAA Division III Assistant Coaching Enhancement Grant

5.3 Partner with Admissions and Advancement and Alumni/ae Offices to connect with alumni/ae for enhanced student-athlete recruitment and leadership development opportunities. Offer enhanced athletics alumni/ae events.

5.4 Transition/hire a full-time Head Men’s & Women’s Cross Country + Outdoor Track & Field Coach.

5.5 Transition/hire a full-time Head Women’s Soccer Coach and Coordinator of Recreation, Club Sports, and Intramurals through a partnership with Student Life and Student Activities.

5.6 Develop and maintain facilities that will improve the campus athletic experience for students including baseball, softball, all-purpose fields, and an outdoor track. 

5.7 Athletic Turf + Track Complex to support Soccer, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track & Field, (Field Hockey).

5.7.1 Hawks Fitness Center. 

5.7.2 Hawks Student-Athlete Lounge. 

5.7.3 Hafner Recreation Center Gymnasium Scoreboards; Videoboard; Flooring. 

5.7.4 Enhancements in Hafner Recreation Center to include: locker room(s); carpeting; baseboard; trophy case(s); storage areas.

Strategy #6:  Be identified as a higher education hub for the Southtowns that delivers solutions that advance workforce development, intellectual discourse, and cultural expression.

6.1 Improve and centralize on-campus event planning and execution. 

6.2 Increase revenue from hosting on-campus conferences and events.

6.3 Improve community engagement, with both business and civic entities.

6.4 Enhance and improve conferences related to the Institute for Law and Justice.

6.5 Partner with outside organizations to build conference and event center in the community.

Strategy #7:  Restructure and expand educational experiences that lead to engaged learning, alternate pathways to degree completion, and community engagement.

7.1 Develop 2+2, 3+2, etc. programs to establish the College as a regional hub for higher education.

7.2 Hilbert College will develop and deliver high quality online programs that will include online student supports.

7.3 Strengthen community engagement to reduce barriers, strengthen current and build new partnerships that meet the needs of Hilbert College and the surrounding community