GOAL # 4: Strengthening Financial Position

Develop financial strategies through philanthropic growth, efficiencies and investment in campus assets to strengthen, grow and sustain the college.

Philanthropic Growth

Strategy #1:  Build and grow a strong Annual Fund program

1.1 College will increase unrestricted donor contributions annually by 20% to support student needs.

1.2 Increase donor outreach and charitable revenue with targeted solicitation approaches.

1.3 Increase the number of alumni, donor and prospect contacts by 100% to enhance in person, electronic and social media marketing.

Strategy #2:  Improve and expand existing facilities to enhance the learning environment

2.1 Five-year facilities/capital projects plan.

2.2  Swan Auditorium projection, audio and lighting technology replaced/upgraded.

2.3 Athletic Field design and proposal for turf field secured.

Strategy #3:  Present compelling case for mission fulfillment to private, corporate and public foundation and government funding

3.1 Establish list of private and corporate foundations (local, statewide and national) with criteria that aligns with key initiatives. 

3.2 Strengthen and grow relationships with local, state and federal representatives to grow funding opportunities both through grants and legislative directives. 


Strategy #1:  Provide secure and equitable student access to learning resources and support services across the campus

1.1 Acquire and/or develop mechanisms to inform advisors and student alerts to improve student success and improve retention and persistence. 

1.2 Develop unified interface to seamlessly develop reports and automated features directly to students to improve communication, academic success and student life. 

1.3 Develop collaborative learning space throughout campus for student engagement.

Strategy #2:  Develop and improve secure software and hardware systems to increase institutional efficiencies and provide long-term support for campus needs

2.1 Develop a technology infrastructure plan to assure replacement cycle of hardware systems.

2.2 Upgrade current donor database to enhance staff efficiencies and enhanced prospect and donor communication.

2.3 Upgrade and maintain the network infrastructure to support comprehensive wireless, voice, video and data communications with high availability and recoverability.

2.4 Improve website maintenance and digital communication processes and procedures.


Strategy #1:  Develop and sustain a Trustee body and senior staff that can confidently identify areas for future investment and strategy

1.1 Facilitate meetings and programs to identify areas of potential growth, innovation, professional development and best practices.

Strategy #2:  Strengthen the visibility and position of the college in the Buffalo Niagara region, with a focus on building awareness and accessibility to the Southtowns

2.1 Identify current faculty and staff memberships and professional connections, as well as institutional memberships.

2.2 Recruit and launch the Hilbert 2025 Advisory Council comprised of business and community leaders and connectors.

2.3 Seek to partner with public and private K-12 schools to establish partnerships that will increase campus visibility and expose more students to Hilbert programs.

2.4 Identify educational, business, municipal and not-for-profit partners that strengthen the College’s market position.

Strategy #3:   Identify strategies to improve the utilization of all the college’s facilities

3.1 Contract with consultants/recruiters that will assist in recruiting groups and individuals to host programming on campus.

3.2 Encourage academic and athletic departments to develop camps based on areas of demand.

3.3 Establish a Summer Scholars program, including working with faculty and staff to create joint research projects.

3.4 K-8 Catholic School/STREAM partnership to develop a new summer program of CSI Camps and other educational programs.